UK Betryal forgotten by New Zealand

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UK Betryal forgotten by New Zealand

Postby sharonmatthew » 24th May 18, 13:26

It was a story of break-up and betrayal, and of a long-distance relationship that went sour.
It's not a cliffhanger from Shortland Street, New Zealand's longest-running TV soap opera, but a real-life tale of abandonment. Also get support for Acer laptop at Acer Support Number
It happened back in January 1973 to the South Pacific nation when the UK joined the then European Economic Community (EEC), the precursor to today's European Union.

At the time, about half of Kiwi exports were shipped 18,500 km (11,500 miles) to the UK, but access to those prized markets would effectively end as a result of the UK joining the EEC. Also get support for Asus laptop issues at Asus Support Number.

"It was a massive shock. It was an emotional shock for New Zealand," says Asha Sundaram from the University of Auckland.
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