555% Tabs/Chords

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555% Tabs/Chords

Postby Gladney » 9th Apr 12, 17:17

Ok, so I know its early days yet after getting the 30 songs but I was wondering anyone has worked out chords or tabs for any songs, There's a few I'm dying to play but I'm shocking at getting things down by ear.

Ill be cheeky now and make a few requests:

Strange New Year
We've Been Expecting You
Just Another Song About Someone
Forget About It
Lover It'll All Work Out
Beautifully Blissfully unsettled!!

Cheers if anyone can help out here!
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Re: 555% Tabs/Chords

Postby Ross » 11th Apr 12, 10:26

My brother did a cover of Lover... You might be able to work out some of the chords from his version.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOvdZTXU ... AAAAAAAbAA
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Re: 555% Tabs/Chords

Postby wildsam6o » 6th May 12, 11:01

ive been doodling around with "just another song about someone", i think ive pretty much the basis of it all (there are a few bits where i havent got a clue, so perhaps some other gent could fill in the blanks- so to speak?)

ill post it later, just let me tab it down
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Re: 555% Tabs/Chords

Postby wildsam6o » 6th May 12, 11:32

ok then peeps, as i said this is no where near perfect, but i believe the chords are about right, feel free to have a mess around :D SAM

Code: Select all
main into riff

   G      C

(play the main intro riff over the lyrics - If you find it hard to do, you can just strum the chords)

G            C
I was a shy boy from by the sea
G            D
You were the orphan of a privileged family
G            C
I went to London to find a band
G            D
And you went to rebel against your higher education


D            G         
And you swore you'd never fly out of bounds
D            A
To keep your purdy feet on stony ground
B      A      G
But gravity could never hold you down
B   G
Hold you down
B      C      D
Hold you down anymore than I could keep you around

G            C
You broke hearts and made Jacks of Kings
G            D
And I broke guitars and made a similar mess of things
G            C
I met you crying on the back of a bus
G            D
We went from nothing to something more serious

D            G
And you swore if the ship ran aground
D            A
You would die beneath the waves like the crew around you
B      A      G
But gravity could never drag you down
B   G
Drag you down
B      C      D
Drag you down anymore than I could drag you around

B         A
You're like a fire that rages
A         C
And makes way for changes
B         A
A new vegetation within the burned out forest
A         C
I'm just being honest
You're clean from destruction
Must be some vocation
Neat Neat Neat

Main riff

G            C
You added me to your collection of men
And ya met someone new
And you did it all over again

D            G
And you'd be nothing but a memory
D            A
If there wasn't hungry little mouths to feed
B      A      G
But it's just the way that the ?duel? is on
B         G
You'll never be someone
B      G
Anyone depends upon
D                  (MAIN RIFF)
You're just another song about someone

(lyrics were taken from the wikia page)
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Re: 555% Tabs/Chords

Postby TenaciousDirk » 10th Aug 12, 08:00

Thanks for posting the tab/chords! I've been trying it out, and I think the opening riff goes like this:

Code: Select all

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Re: 555% Tabs/Chords

Postby mochy » 14th Aug 12, 05:20

This is the main parts of Forget About It. I haven't put the mid-section instrumental part together yet

(D) Life plays heavy on my (A) mind
It's gonna (F#m) kill me one dream at a (G) time
or (D) so it (Bm) seems it might
it (G) seems it might (D)

(D) Stops me from falling into (A) sleep
I lie (F#m) awake in ways so dark and (G) deep
I (D) pray my (Bm) soul to keep

(D) Once (G) again you forget (A) to (D) remind yourself to (G) just (A) forget about it
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