Newcastle Gig

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Newcastle Gig

Postby shadow » 10th Dec 11, 00:44

Up in my partner's neck of the woods for this one and was drawn to this tour by the flood of excellent footage on utube from what is supposed to be G's last tour for some time. Am I soooo glad I was there. Due to the insanely early start we missed the first band ,which I hate because all supports need just that ...SUPPORT... but when I heard the second band Hawkeyes (for the first time) I was honestly blown away..... tight ain't the word.... amazing band.... I really thought G and the band would struggle to follow their performance..... but how wrong was I.... it was truly the greatest performance I've seen from G with any band,and I've seen a few. The set list could not have been bettered and the guys played amazingly.....truly hard to pick out a highlight but maybe Something Weird was insanely good.... surely Ginger will change his mind about not touring after this...... he was on fire and so obviously loving every minute as did the Newcastle crowd..... what a night...... CATCH THIS TOUR IF YOU CAN
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Re: Newcastle Gig

Postby macc lad » 10th Dec 11, 00:52

Wolvo next week my annual present to myself can't wait
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Re: Newcastle Gig

Postby Col » 10th Dec 11, 10:02

I was there for doors open and caught Exit International. You wouldn't think there wasn't a guitar on stage, great sounding band and decent enuff fellas offstage aswell (spoke to them of course). Was actually stood with Rich watching them.

My mate couldn't go as once again he fell over (at work this time) and couldn't attend. I spotted Random and he did a quick "get well video" for him

Can't Watch This?

Hawkeyes were awesome, well impressed. Great start tho when the singer fell over, very classy.

Ginger on top form, good to see him enjoying himself. I never get too invovlved in setlists, I take what is on offer. Finished with 2 classics and I'd have paid the money for them 2 alone.

Newcastle always fills me with both excitement and dread at the same time. You never know what it is going to be like crowd wise. Tonight there was a healthy vocal crowd there which was pleasing to see and be part of.
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Re: Newcastle Gig

Postby dannyfletcher » 10th Dec 11, 11:47

Ginger looked to be having a great time. For me that was one of the best shows I have seen him do.
Great setlist, I went particularity mad for Cant do right. Had to go for a dance for that one. Really glad we got the two classics thrown in, and slaughtered authors sounds great live.
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