December Tour Diary

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December Tour Diary

Postby SteveP » 9th Feb 10, 20:01

Finally, the 2nd tour of the year's diary is up!


All comments welcome..
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Re: December Tour Diary

Postby Col » 9th Feb 10, 21:04

ahhh, happy memories. Split up for xmas holiies, Leeds on the sat and wolves on the monday - great times.
Wolves just kept getting funnier and funnier as the nite went on.

More of the same!!!

Pleased you didn't mention I ended up in wrong bed - ooops 8-)
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Re: December Tour Diary

Postby Pudu » 9th Feb 10, 22:26

Great read yet again SteveP. God only knows how long it took you to write that thing as it has just taken me close on half an hour to read it. A couple of great nights of memories brought back thanks to that :cheers:
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Re: December Tour Diary

Postby Ilsa » 9th Feb 10, 23:34

Yay I'm famous! Well, mentioned :D

Cracking read.... I want to go to a gig now!! :bounce:
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Re: December Tour Diary

Postby vickyp » 9th Feb 10, 23:38

Ilsa wrote:Yay I'm famous! Well, mentioned :D

That's what I was going to say :D

Great read Uncle P, brought it all back. Man, that was a good week...
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Re: December Tour Diary

Postby iddsy » 24th Feb 10, 10:52

great read as always mr p,still can picture you walking in the snow in ya newcie shirt to the famous cock,fuck was it cold!!! :eeek:
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