Ritch's Kit?

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Postby Ean » 4th Nov 09, 19:54

Carl Animal wrote:we will be making him a new one when he chooses everything. ( he is having a massive kit, will look fantastic)

Hey, nice to have you here. Great sounding Kits you make. :D

How massive are we talking here? *feels a spot of drum-muso excitement coming on* :?

The review referred to is pretty old, we have much more recent ones on our myspace (easier to update) Flimsy stands were never mentioned in the review so not sure where that came from...

Apologies, my bad. I read that review ages ago when you first approached Ritch, and didn't re-read it before I posted that. Something else must've got mixed in in my addled brain. :oops:
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Postby melx » 5th Nov 09, 00:06

Ean wrote:
How massive are we talking here? *feels a spot of drum-muso excitement coming on* :?

this kinda makes me sad, I liked the small green sparkle kit, it was so un-rock...that's what made it so cool.
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Postby Carl Animal » 5th Nov 09, 10:46

I'll let Ritch fill you in when he gets it :D Until then he has the little green sparkle kit
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Postby Mr Tube » 5th Nov 09, 23:47

Thanks for that.As much as i love a small set up(i play a four piece most of the time.)
Theres something very "Rawk" about a big kit with loads of toms.I await the results with interest.I must add that the animal kit sounded very nice when i saw them on the tour.
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