555 thread

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555 thread

Postby kriscoverdale » 5th Dec 14, 11:52

Ah, the joy of having threaded discussion! (you know what to do...)

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Re: 555 thread

Postby andy_b » 5th Dec 14, 14:24

This happened a week or so ago while playing a board game. Crazy.

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Re: 555 thread

Postby DangerousBeans » 5th Dec 14, 14:30

Seems such a shame but it kept us entertained

Darren Brodie
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Re: 555 thread

Postby Dave C » 6th Dec 14, 00:57

Dave C

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Re: 555 thread

Postby MaddMatt » 6th Dec 14, 10:22

andy_b wrote:This happened a week or so ago while playing a board game. Crazy.


A fellow geek? What game is it?
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Re: 555 thread

Postby Rabies » 6th Dec 14, 13:09

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Re: 555 thread

Postby baratron » 9th Dec 14, 00:58

You guys do know that 555-prefixes are the standard for fictitious phone numbers in the US? If you posted a screenshot of every movie/TV programme with a 555 phone number in, we could be here for a while ;P.
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Re: 555 thread

Postby Ginger » 9th Dec 14, 19:06


Well, it certainly changed my life.

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Re: 555 thread

Postby Mark » 10th Dec 14, 21:23

I realised that one of the only demos I recorded about 8 years ago that I still like has runtime of exactly 5 minutes 55 seconds. That counts right?
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