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Re: books

Postby vickyp » 19th Sep 10, 18:10

Radish wrote:Not strictly a rock n' roll book, although maybe it is, out in 56 days or something is this - ... n/7813874/

Hmm, that looks like it could make a good Christmas pressy for someone I know.

piesJoy wrote:I have a terrible attention span with books, but 'High fidelity' was alright if memory serves correctly.

Yeah, it's very readable. I re-read it recently on holiday, it's not exactly cheery but it's good fiction.
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Re: books

Postby SpikyDave » 7th Oct 10, 02:32

I've got one called 'American Hardcore' which compiles various interviews with musicians, fans & journos in the 1980s hardcore scene in the US. It covers not only the music but the social & political context of the movement, encompassing debates on race, class, sexuality & attitudes regarding hedonism & abstinence.

...Basically, its more interesting than I made it sound. :)
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Re: books

Postby Egg4Goff » 7th Dec 10, 14:39

I've recently read Mustaine by (surprisingly) Dave Mustaine. It was quite a good read, especially getting into how pissed off he was with his sacking from Metallica. It does rush past the glory years of Rust In Peace and Countdown to Extinction but is still well worth a read if Megadeth have ever been of interest to you.

I know it's been mentioned already but I can't recommend Espedair Street by Iain Banks too highly.
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Re: books

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 8th Dec 10, 23:55

I am reading 'I Am Ozzy' at the moment and I can certainly recommend that. It's one of those books that's really interesting even if your not particularly a fan of the music - although it did make me listen to the first 4 Black Sabbath albums in one go last night. :twisted:
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Re: books

Postby lost johnny » 18th Apr 11, 20:14

Can I reignite this one with the following:

An absolute blinder, great to read, loads of memories and sends you straight back to the vinyl / CDs - not ashamed to say I ended up with something in my eyes and a lump in my throat a few times. Also made me realise how much we could use Uncle Joe about now...
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Re: books

Postby benwalton » 18th Apr 11, 22:03

I just got through reading Vince Neil's autobiography. He comes across as a right arse, it's impossible to read it and find him likeable in any way. Avoid.
and just last week as i was clearing shit from off my shelf...
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Re: books

Postby Jules » 19th Apr 11, 12:27

A while back I read this one:

It sets out to be a history of The Fall, and everyone (and there are a lot) that Mark E Smith has fired from the band.

Has mixed reviews on Amazon, but I really enjoyed it, even though I'm not a particular fan of the band (don't dislike them just never really listened to them a lot, the book certainly got me looking at them more closely).
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Re: books

Postby Benny Hiroshima » 26th Apr 11, 23:26

Not strickly a rock n roll book, but loved the attitude and debauchery of Martin Amis' Money. Shame everything he has written since has been a pile of pish. If piss could ever be assembled into a pile of course...
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