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"They're gonna put me in the movies..."

PostPosted: 17th Jul 06, 14:21
by DarrenStockford
You're supposed to sing the title. Like Buck Owens. Or Ringo Starr. Come with me on this...

As I've already mentioned to a few folk, I'm taking part in this year's Great Gorilla Run - a 7km trek around the streets of London, in which all participants dress up as gorillas - to raise money for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, the international charity that's working to save the species from extinction.

With just over two months to go before G-Day, my fundraising efforts are starting to kick up a gear. My latest piece of promo is a three-minute movie, which you'll find at and on my MySpace page at

While Oscar nominations would be nice, your sponsorship would be even better. I'm trying to raise 400 pounds, and every donation helps. You can sponsor me online at - it's simple, safe and... um, sexy.

Thanks for readin'.