Win A Creative MP3 Player Thanks to JACKVIPER

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Win A Creative MP3 Player Thanks to JACKVIPER

Postby geordierussell » 10th Apr 07, 20:57

If ya hadn't seen already, JACKVIPER are running another competition:

As we've hinted, we've got a couple of big fucking bombs to drop this summer, and we've decided to drop the first one now!

So, if ya fancy winning an MP3 player courtesy of Creative Zen and JACKVIPER, comment on our myspace page to guess what this news is...

Start date is today and we'll announce the winner live on on the 19th April.

We'll be giving you more and more clues as the deadline approaches...first correct guess wins :D

Right...first clue:


We've had some good guesses already but nobody has got it. You can guess as many times as you like so get guessing!!!

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