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PHUQ Double Album Track Listing

PostPosted: 7th May 16, 10:55
by Benhwrl
Does anyone know if the track listing for the intentional PHUQ double album is available to find anywhere? Reading Gingers new book has made me curious to find out how it might've potentially sounded.

Re: PHUQ Double Album Track Listing

PostPosted: 14th May 16, 17:52
by Cat77
I've never seen one - would be very interesting to know how he envisaged the double album playing

Re: PHUQ Double Album Track Listing

PostPosted: 2nd Jun 16, 12:27
by nik95
I'm intrigued by this too - but doubt a tracklist exists anywhere. I've thought about which tracks might have been up for inclusion on the double album.

For starters, the original fan-club Fishing for Luckies tracks:
If Life Is Like a Lovebank I Want an Overdraft
Do the Channel Bop
Geordie in Wonderland
Sky Babies

Then Lovebank / Geordie single b-sides:
Fire Up (this track segues into Lillys Garden in the closing seconds before fading out)
Hate The World Day

From Phuq itself - looking at the Phuq credits the following might have been recorded at the same time as the Fishing for Luckies tracks:
Baby Strange
Nita Nitro
Woah Shit, You Got Through
Cold Patootie Tango
Be My Drug
In Lilly's Garden
Getting It

Phuq album credits make me think the remaining Phuq tracks might have been recorded at a later session and wouldn't have been up for inclusion:
I Wanna Go Where The People Go
Just In Lust
Jonesing For Jones
Naivety Play

As to the running order - no idea. Of course this is all pointless speculation... :D

Re: PHUQ Double Album Track Listing

PostPosted: 27th Feb 18, 06:34
by jacklee
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Re: PHUQ Double Album Track Listing

PostPosted: 28th Feb 18, 14:18
by CarolynSpeight
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