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Landmines and Pantomimes Longbox

PostPosted: 4th Sep 15, 13:01
by rachelcm
My partner just picked this up off of Discogs and wasn't aware there were different versions. Although unofficially released and unauthorised by the band, for completeness we now want to know what, if any differences there were between the two releases, or is it simply the size of the box? Curious to know why two versions were made if it does just boil down to the box?


Re: Landmines and Pantomimes Longbox

PostPosted: 12th Oct 15, 20:35
by bewley
Although I never bought it, I believe 'twas the same CD but in a tin case, which allowed it to be marketed as a 'limited edition' - the intention was presumably just to bump up sales, as with any limited edition!

The discography on this very site also makes no mention of any difference in tracklisting: