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PostPosted: 23rd Sep 14, 20:55
by Nomad
I've been browsing random music on youtube rather a lot this week...and seems just about every other bands following is set on posting comments saying things like "Jannick so much better than Adrian" or "Vivian is iaght but him and Phil don't complement each other like Phil and Steve did"

How is it we're so much more accepting in here? I mean it could just be that we all know Danny was awesome (I was at Reading '94), that Scott is a great guy, and that frankly we all know a RJP gig is gonna be great too. I would try to suggest we're a bit more mature, but let's face it, the facts don't really support that, do they?

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PostPosted: 24th Sep 14, 03:59
by nuno75
Honestly, I far prefer Ritch over Stidi, but the bassists and guitarists all come across mostly the same. I do like Scott's vocals a lot, though.

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PostPosted: 9th Dec 14, 01:14
by baratron
Don't even go near Dream Theater videos! They're full of people who are either rabid Mike Portnoy fans or rabid Mike Mangini fans. Funny thing is, the two Mikes actually admire each other's style of drumming and get on with each other perfectly well...

I personally think that Ritch is the most technically competent WH drummer, but CJ and Jef are about the same as guitarists, and Scott and Random are equally good bassists. CJ's voice is amazing and I missed it when he was out of the band. I've always felt a bit sorry for Jef getting 'dumped' when the Wildhearts got back together with CJ, but maybe he'll be invited to the Endless Nameless 20th Anniversary tour? ;)

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PostPosted: 9th Dec 14, 16:54
by Ginger
Ritch is a far better drummer than Stidi, although Stidi had a good voice.

Jon is a better bass player than Scott but Scott has a better voice.
Danny was good in his day but that was some time ago.

CJ and Jef are both great players and singers.

There's my tuppenceworth!


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PostPosted: 4th Nov 15, 08:01
by llannerch
It's like Wildhears Top Trumps!

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