Anniversary shows

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Anniversary shows

Postby Benny Hiroshima » 26th Apr 13, 17:18

There's been the Earth Vs shows, and some hint of a possible special set of gigs to celebrate PHUQ.

However, the real question I'm sure that is on everybody's lips is: When are the Endless,Nameless gigs taking place?

( Steps back after unleashing this can of sonic boom blasted worms :coat: ha ha)
Benny Hiroshima
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Re: Anniversary shows

Postby darkblue » 26th Apr 13, 20:31

Well, you can count me in for that.

Endless is a GREAT album. A hugely flawed one, but a GREAT album. Any time I've heard tracks from it they come across superbly, so the chance to hear it all would be bliss!
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