Junkenstein LIVE - Mp3?

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Junkenstein LIVE - Mp3?

Postby Scottleeandrews » 25th Sep 11, 18:05

Hey all - Scott from Exit_International here - hope you are all good.
I did, at one point, locate a fairly good quality live recording on here a while back of Junkenstein - possibly played post-EN era. Can anyone help me out as I've lost a lot of music from my laptop?

I was trying to collect live recordings from the EN era....

scottleeandrews@hotmail.com - would be extremely appreciative of anyone willing to sling some links my way.

Thanks - see you all in December if not before!

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Re: Junkenstein LIVE - Mp3?

Postby wildsam6o » 1st Oct 11, 09:40

try contacting dingwall


ive had some endless nameless stuff off him before and its been good quality, but unfortunatley with all the moving around ive done over the last couple of years ive missplaced them
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Junkenstein LIVE - Mp3?

Postby blackdeathcrew » 2nd Oct 11, 16:02

I think it somewhere Scott, will sift through and let you know
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