Mick Ronson - My Baby Is A Headfuck

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Mick Ronson - My Baby Is A Headfuck

Postby King of the Gypsies » 24th Aug 11, 19:41

Hey, I am new here, so hello to y’all…

I only discovered the WH’s after seeing Ginger with Mike Monroe in SF last year. In the past year I have picked up all but a few of the discography. WH’s are unknown in the US, it’s a shame.

I am a hardcore Mick Ronson fan, meet him once, beautiful guy. The solo Mick does on “My Baby….” I have a question.

The solo sections in the song, there seem to be 3 different solo sections. The last two sound like Ronson.

Can anyone tell me when Ronson’s solo or solos start?

In a format like at 2:14 or 5:19, numbers like that so I can listen at home and know when it is him.

There is a lot of Johnny Thunders-Wildhearts-Dogs D’Amour-Iggy ect discussion at the Chatterbox site for those of you that are not hip to it:


Once you join the board you will see triple the discussion topics that public sees…

Thanks a lot…
King of the Gypsies
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Re: Mick Ronson - My Baby Is A Headfuck

Postby Assmask » 24th Aug 11, 21:00

Don't have the song with me, but I think it's when the slide guitar kicks in

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Re: Mick Ronson - My Baby Is A Headfuck

Postby Ean » 24th Aug 11, 23:42

Aye, as far as I know Mick played the slide solo (so second section and about half of the third).

You could always ask Ginger direct to make sure: http://www.formspring.me/gingernyc
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