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appetite for destruction book

PostPosted: 25th Mar 11, 11:15
by markE
don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but there is a chapter on the wildhearts in mick wall's book appetite for destruction. it is basiscally a reprint of a raw magazine article from when i wanna go came out and the band were on totp two weeks in a row. it also features the altercation between oasis and the lads, mark keds reasons for joining and g berating the press/fans for impying that if they went to live in america they would never return to the uk and for thinking turning american was about america ( " you'be never been to america. you probably don't even go the pub!")
there is also a new coda from mick where he basically describes the band as being everything a rock and roll band should be and really bigs them up.

Re: appetite for destruction book

PostPosted: 26th Apr 11, 23:15
by Benny Hiroshima
Yeah my guitarist in my band bought the book and it's a very good read. Definitely proof why one day there needs to be a Wildhearts book. Know it was mentioned a while back by Ginge, but the idea never came to fruition. Hope that one day he'll change his mind or that someone like Mick Wall or Jason Arnopp of Kerrang! fame will get a'scribblin.

Re: appetite for destruction book

PostPosted: 27th Apr 11, 19:48
by lost johnny
A book is a must-do, volume 1 I would hope...enough adventures / misadventures to make a good read and surely more ahead...