Any Clues?

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Any Clues?

Postby Dave C » 14th Mar 11, 16:10

Dave C

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Re: Any Clues?

Postby blackdeathcrew » 14th Mar 11, 17:24

Think it's this band
Quite why the seller has put the Wildhearts with it too I don't know
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Re: Any Clues?

Postby Jason_scorching_past » 26th Mar 11, 15:01

This could be the link-

Mick Ronson Tribute concert

"Japan's top band, The Yellow Monkey played a large part in the actual ceremony. Apparently it was their love of Mick Ronson's music that inspired them, and they have tirelessly campaigned for the Mick Ronson fund and the associated charities"

The Wildhearts were due to play that gig, not sure if they did(?). I think the seller is doing that thing where they put other "linked" band names in the title to attract more hits, eg usually things like the singer's former band. Don't know if Yellow Monkey are fans of WH or vice versa.
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