Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

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Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby EMMO » 1st Feb 11, 12:07

In this months Classic Rock Mag (I subscribe) there is a section called "ever meet Hendrix"

An artist tells you all the famous people they have met over the years and this month its our Ginger.
One person Ginger lists is W Axl Rose – he said they first met backstage at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig in 92.
He said the band sat down at the wrong table and when he looked at the person next to him it was Axl so they had a 30 minute chat.

Did the Wildhearts play that gig? I don’t remember seeing them on TV?
Can anyone answer?
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Re: Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby Andy » 1st Feb 11, 12:13

No they didn't. WH not really known back then. I was at that gig and it was brilliant.
God blesss Freddie. Still greatly missed.
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Re: Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby Radish » 1st Feb 11, 15:28

:eek: Now I was at the Freddie tribute, and it was great. Never experienced so much emotion in a crowd that size before or since. But I am 100% sure I didn't spot Ginger at any point, presumably it was some kind of record company backstage thing? I suppose Mondo had been out, was Don't Worry... released by then? Whatever, cool anecdote. Now, how about another tribute concert, we've had the album who's going to sort out the Tim Smith tribute concert? Would. Be. A. Blinder. (With the added bonus that we'd be celebrating somebody who's still alive of course).
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Re: Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby Sarc » 5th Feb 11, 06:23

Bearing in mind it's 5 in the morning and I cant sleep and been awake since 930 yesterday (a sure sign I have to much caffeine in my system) I seem to recall one Mr D. Mcormack esq telling me a story a good few years (13) back were they where there as guests of the label and nearly got into fisticuffs Extreme because he apparently whipped Bettencourts chair from underhim just as he was about to sit down. Now whether this was true or not it did make me giggle so to this day 13years after he told me it I still want it to be true just the thought of Extreme squaring up to Ginger, Danny etc backstage at the Freddie gig just seems slightly surreal.
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Re: Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby piesJoy » 6th Feb 11, 13:58

I'm not sure where i read it, but i'm sure I read something mentioning Ginger in an article covering the Freddie Mercury tribute, at the time, along the lines of..... ''Ginger is busy backstage talking to Liza Minnelli about his new band (the Wildhearts), and how big they are going to be''.
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Re: Wildhearts / Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig 92

Postby Jeeze » 8th Feb 11, 09:48

Asked the question about the FMTC on Formspring and was answered thus...

Q: There are some funny stories on messageboards that the WH's attended the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert in '92 and caused mischief. How did that come about (the WH's weren't really gigging/releasing stuff back then?)

A:Bam's then partner was very good at getting us into awesome places/parties. She arranged it.
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