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Postby Jason_scorching_past » 10th Jan 11, 14:33

I got the impression from what I have read that the forthcoming solo album will be more in the vein of a Wildhearts sounding record rather than a traditional Ginger solo effort.

Also from interviews it seems that there is potential for this band to be an ongoing project with further recordings down the line and place for Ginger to write the more heavy/aggressive songs that would normally be on a Wildhearts album as opposed to solo. It seems like the Ginger Wildheart Band is almost going to be for want of a better term a substitute Wildhearts.

As for the Wildhearts not being a priority for the members of the band, this seems to stem from Scott Sorry being unable to commit at this time, and potentially other reasons that we wouldn’t know about. I don't think it's because the band has nowhere to go from here or that Ginger finds working from the confines of the Wildhearts stifling, it would guess it's all just down to circumstances.
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