Alternative Chutzpah?

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Alternative Chutzpah?

Postby Jimmy79 » 14th Dec 09, 19:08

Okay so we have like 18 songs from the album sessions now
that were ultimatley whittled down to the final ten that made it onto the album

now I LOVE every songs released from these sessions
just wondering if anyone would have picked a different 10 that made it onto the album

yknow....just for fun like :D
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Postby Assmask » 14th Dec 09, 19:31

Boring answer - but I think they got it right.

Only think I would add would be Chutzpah jr as first track - that sets it up perfectly.

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Postby melx » 14th Dec 09, 19:32

I've made a disc up with all 18 on... :D it's great.

I think they picked the right 10 although I would have put 'some days' and 'vernix' on to make 12 tracks in total
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Postby Jimmy79 » 14th Dec 09, 19:41

melx wrote:I've made a disc up with all 18 on... :D it's great.l

did the same thing on my ipod
its now an 18 track monster on the album

I think I would have swapped "Tim Smith" for "Vernix"
and "low energy" for "under the waves"
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Postby Ean » 14th Dec 09, 19:50

I like the actual tracklist - without Chutzpah Jnr as it changes to tone of the start of the album.

All 18 Fit nicely on one CD too - so here's a follow up: How would you rearrange it as an 18 track album?
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Postby floyd » 14th Dec 09, 21:36

Love Chutzpah just as it is, wouldn't add or lose anything.
If i was going to stick Chutzpah and Jr as one 18 track album it would go something like goes!!
Chutzpah jnr
People who....
Tim smith
John of...
The snake...
You are proof...
Somedays just...
The only...
Low energy...
You took...
Zen requiem
All that...
Under the....

Gonna make a playlist on my mp3 player and have a listen!!
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Postby Jason_scorching_past » 15th Dec 09, 05:25

I'd put on the album -

Zeen Requiem, All That Zen and possibly Some Days..

And drop -

Tim Smith
Low Energy Vortex
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Postby nuno75 » 15th Dec 09, 06:05

I don't really think any of the outtakes would fit properly onto the album-proper... but the album proper could do without at least two of the songs that are currently on it.
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Postby neiljunkster » 15th Dec 09, 09:42

I would take out You Took The Sunshine From New York and put in Under The Waves. Maybe slot it in after The Only One.
Just heard Under The Waves for the first time last night, think its fookin class!!!
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Postby Chris Norway » 15th Dec 09, 09:47

My 10 track Chutzpah would look like this:

Jackson White
Low Energy Vortex
The Snake...
Zen Requiem
You are proof...
Plastic Jebus
People Who Died
Mazel Tov Coctail

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Postby Jason_scorching_past » 15th Dec 09, 17:06

Apart from when I first get an album I don't tend to listen from song 1 to the last song in order, I usually shuffle the order and listen to songs as individual pieces of music rather than an album in a specified order. It probably stems from when I used to do mix tapes and spread an album across a few cassettes with a load of other songs from other bands.

Re the perfect Chutzpah cd, I think taking songs like YTTSFNY out removes the "lift" that song gives to the whole album, whether you listen to it in order or randomised.
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Postby spoon_of_grimbo » 15th Dec 09, 17:11

dunno what order i'd go for, but i know for damn sure "All That Zen" would be on there. best WH song of the 2000s IMO.
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Postby Jason_scorching_past » 15th Dec 09, 19:17

I agree, I love that song, I always like it when Ginger finishes a line in a song with a word that starts the next line, he does that a fair bit.

That's about the size of it all..that zen
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Postby Sir Euan » 15th Dec 09, 20:04

I've butchered all the songs into a big 18 song album now. If they HAD to release it as a big ass 18 track epic I would sequenced it something like this. Starts out really upbeat, gets a little darker in the middle and then picks up again.

chutzpah jr
john of violence
jackson whites
plastic jebus
you took the sunshine from new york
the only one
under the waves
low energy vortex
tim smith
you are proof that not all women are insane
people who died
mazel tov cocktail
zeen requiem
all that zen
the snake, the lion, the monkey and the spider
some days just fucking suck
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Postby WiredOut » 15th Dec 09, 23:15

Is the thread title a deliberate play on Alternative Ulster? That's some sly wordplay if so, given the WH links to that song. :)
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