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Postby floyd » 16th Dec 09, 14:11

SteveP wrote:Scanning my boy, scanning, it's the future, what is all this typing malarkey?? :D

A scanner you say! Father christmas take note.

Looking forwards to meeting up again, might even wear my VIP pass again! :D

And Chris if your reading this, i'm gutted for you mate, and hope to catch you next year.
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Postby floyd » 16th Dec 09, 15:05

UNDER THE WAVES: Oh man,the song that polarises option like no other of the session,CJ and Scott hate it,me and Ritch love it. I wanted something with a hard dance feel for the album,just to break up the relentless metal-ness of the whole thing. The hard dance elements,however,morphed into some kind of twisted gay German disco which,naturally,meant it was never going to make the finished cut. I still love this song,and along with Vernix it stands as my favourite cut of this selection of tracks. I remember being in a prison cell like accommodation in Denmark,while there recording,trying to rip off 'Swastika Eyes' by Primal Scream and 'Bang On' by Propellerheads,me and Ritch dissecting the beats together,hoping to make something very English sounding,it still came out sounding as German as fuck. What does that say about us? I'm not quite sure,but one thing you can guarantee, while you listen to this song CJ and Scott are squirming. Me? I live to create art that demands a opinion.

SOME DAYS JUST FUCKING SUCK: Written about another shitty day,sober in the big city,nothing making sense,resenting having to attend AA meetings every day and wishing i could just have a wine with dinner. Come the writing sessions Ritch came up with the killer main riff and the title just made perfect and fitting sense to me.On heading back to NYC when it came time to write the lyrics they came spewing out of me,with the original sentiment in mind and the revelation that someone,somewhere is having a shitty day. All things must pass,this too will pass,so get it down on bloody paper sharpish! Still we couldn't think of a chorus.Ritch didn't like the chanted 'don't try suicide' idea and scott didn't like the melody that Ritch came up with. I liked them both so we figured a way to fit all ideas in (much like Brain Sugar on the SG5 album) by overlapping and layering, i love the Clash vibe in this song. Another that very nearly made Chutzpah! save for the shortened duration we wanted on the finished album.

PEOPLE WHO DIED: The Jim Carroll classic,as sang by Scott,was a sadly ironic recording as Jim Carroll himself died shortly after it was completed. This song very nearly made the album as Ritch was so blown away by the band's performance here. It was eventually agreed that the album should consist of only original material and so the song was used as a japanese bonus track. It is with great pleasure that we can offer this song for your listening pleasure. I really think we nail this one,it has to be said, and Scott sings the fuck out of it.

ZEEN REQUIEM: This song dates back to the sessions for the self titled comeback album (or 'The White Album' as its affectionately known as). Written about my great friend, an Wildhearts artist, Danny Deen, the song attempts to put into words the disruption and deep sense of longing that suicide can have on the people left alive. The arrangement differs slightly to the original version,but,with a song like this,it's pretty impossible to fully capture the essence of the point one is making and turn it into a winning melody, Like subject matter, there will always be something just 'not quite right' about it. Such a heavy topic was way too serious even for the 'white album', and certainly for Chutzpah!, with which we hoped to expose a lighter side to the band. I am relieved that it is finally availible on disc and can now be laid to rest.
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chutzpah Jr(suprise,suprise)

Postby crispian » 18th Dec 09, 15:07

Oh man-I'm such a luddite.I can't for the life of me(which is not very much today,if I'm honest)work out how to get to the trax that nuno75 has kindly put up for us.Is there something really obvious that I'm missing here?(there usually is.....)
I'm still not sure if I can get to the gig in Leeds t'row(I know,I know-cutting it fine,etc..)and those trax,especially 'Vernix',are taunting and haunting me where-ever I turn......
Calm down,fella.
I hope to see some of you at Rio's t'row,but,assuming I can't make it-can someone please explain to a computer-idiot how to hear/get these songs.I'm sure I'll have the cd itself within a few months,when I get to me next 'Hearts gig...but,A FEW MONTHS?TO HEAR THESE TRAX?Oh it's too much...........I'm off to have a lie-down...... :roll:
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Postby Tazbert » 18th Dec 09, 15:23


1. Right click your mouse on one of the links Nuno provided (on the 2nd page?)
2. From the menu that pops up, select 'save target as...'
3. Standard window for saving files appears. Choose where you want to put the file (Somewhere obvious that you can find later!).
4. Click the 'save' button. Download should start.
5. Repeat 1-4 until you have all the tracks you want.
6. Ta da!
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thanx tazbert

Postby crispian » 18th Dec 09, 15:27

Thanx t,I'll get straight onto it.....
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Postby AdamGP » 21st Dec 09, 09:42

Sarc wrote:
rockadler wrote:Where is "Shine"?

Shine never got recorded in the end.

How dare they? This is pure shocking and I for one will never purchase another Wildhearts CD or attend another gig before the end of this sentence.

Seriously, between stuff like the free songs on the website and some stuff I've witnessed myself, I cannot believe the bands dedication to their fans would ever be called into question. And I'm really hoping to see "Some Days..." live at some point, a hall full of fans roaring that chorus would be excellent.
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