A short review of Chutzpah Jnr

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A short review of Chutzpah Jnr

Postby NiX » 6th Dec 09, 15:29

I feel proud to have been dedicated to this band for nearly 20 years when they now deliver songs as on Chutzpah Jnr!

The whole package and vibe reminds of Fishing For Luckies the fanclub version. The songs are very differnt from each other but connects and build up a great collection. The linder notes from the band put a new dimension to the songs as well...

I will leave out the songs realesed before and focus on the three new ones...

VERNIX, An absolute blinder, what an gem, so many twists and hooks it will leave you breathless. The most radifriendly parts connected with the most unradiofriendly parts and it works oh man what it works....Reminds of Imani Coppolas Black and White album. I love the part " I motherfucikngalove NYC..."

UNDER THE WAVES, A song that reminds of GTA and has great dancevibe. The song is more melancholic then the rest and it take o couple of spins to get into it. You must be brave and really believe in your music to dare to put a song like this between Vernix and laast one that is...

SOME DAYS JUST FUCKING SUCK, A Matlzev Jnr with a more Ramonesvibe and that makes it the most direct and catchiest one among all the songs from the Chutzpah sessions. It will stick to you lika bubblegum and will take your hang over miles away as it did with mine... A great gig opener

So all you folks ouit there your in for a real treat and the best christmas gift you could have wished for.. but the sad thing is that so few got to hear this mintcollection of songs

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Postby floyd » 6th Dec 09, 15:42

Don't think i will be reading anymore of the reviews of this, as im going to the birthday gig and not the xmas gigs, so wont be hearing any of these song for a while. And reading about it just pisses me off even more about the way its being sold!! :cry:
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Postby antipode101 » 8th Dec 09, 07:21

Don't think i will be reading anymore of the reviews of this, as im going to the birthday gig and not the xmas gigs,

Yeah feel sorry for ya, poor bloke :shock:

At least you get to see the band.
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