Chutzpah Jnr. - Somebody knows..........

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Chutzpah Jnr. - Somebody knows..........

Postby peej73 » 27th Nov 09, 12:29

Alright guys and girls, one of you out there who is close to the band knows what plans there are to release the songs on the Chutzpah Jnr. album after the Xmess concerts. I'm all for the fans over there being able to get their hands on a limited edition run of cd's and hearing the music first (I'm in Australia, so have no chance), but I can honestly say that if the songs were up on itunes to purchase on Christmas Day for those of us who are fortunate enough to have discovered the band from the far reaches of this wonderful rock we all live on, it would be the only present I needed - and a great one at that.

Someone out there knows if it's on the cards or not. Come on, you know you want to spill it and put the rest of us out of our misery......
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Postby melx » 27th Nov 09, 14:33

this is what I'm guessing, exclusive CD at the gigs, download for everyone else.
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