CHUTZPAH! Mini Album only available at the Xmess shows!!!!

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CHUTZPAH! Mini Album only available at the Xmess shows!!!!

Postby rockcity1971 » 26th Nov 09, 01:23

Available exclusively at the live dates will be an extra Xmas present for you lovely lot in the form of the Chutzpah Jnr mini album, featuring all the tracks that couldn’t be squeezed onto Chutzpah! earlier in the year!

The tracklisting runs:

• Chutzpah Jnr
• The Snake, The Lion, The Monkey And The Spider
• All That Zen
• Vernix
• Under The Waves
• Some Days Just Fucking Suck
• People Who Died
• Zeen Requiem

So get your tickets now to ensure you don’t miss out on this little gem!

Can someone pick up a copy of this cd for me?????? I'm in the US and won't be able to make any of the shows!!! Please PM me if you can!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
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Postby Chris Davies » 26th Nov 09, 01:26

I am also gonna beg, no chance of me getting to these gigs and would love one of these cd's.

Please if anyone could do me a favour and grab an extra copy i'd happily pay for cd + postage and a few extra ££ for a couple of pints for the your troubles.
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Chris Davies
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Postby Soundog » 26th Nov 09, 02:15

Ooookay, third in line, aren't I? Who would be willing to buy one of these for me and send it over to Germany?

Thanks in advance!!
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Postby Keith Richard » 26th Nov 09, 06:14

I hope it's gonna be made available on the merch page? :?
cause the chances are good that it wont let you down, like maybe drinking with Keith, or seeing Dolly Parton's tits...
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Keith Richard
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Postby cjrodwell » 26th Nov 09, 07:25

Right that and the chance to see the see utterly fantastic Loyalties again has made up my mind! :lol:
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Postby floyd » 26th Nov 09, 07:59

After the high of getting a ticket to the birthday show and the prospect of Chutzpah jr coming out before christmas, to the total fucking deflation of this news, and now left wishing i'd chosen to go to the xmas gig instead.
Some days just fucking suck and this is one!
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Postby whatevermort » 26th Nov 09, 09:16

Look, people, I'm guessing that some of these'll end up on the merch page. The Wildhearts are too tuned into their core fanbase to willingly piss people off, so you'll be able to buy them if you're physically incapable of making the gigs (as I am).

HAVING SAID THAT (God I love Curb Your Enthusiasm) I would love it if somebody saw fit to buy me a copy. I would, of course, paypal them the cash for the thing either before or immediately after. Perhaps we could set up a buying scheme to help people out if they aren't going to the gigs?
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Postby EMMO » 26th Nov 09, 09:58

these must be at the Ginger bday gig as well.
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Postby vanrad » 26th Nov 09, 10:02

Have u seen the comments on the web site?

I'm a keen collector of anything Ginger / Wildhearts I feel proud I have about every song they've officially recorded & released. The web site states that the Chutzpah Jnr will be available at the gigs 'Exclusively'. I feel fan demand will win over and it will be released, but it should be available from the web site and for it to be clear that it is or soon will be. The tour ain't exactly extensive through the UK, which is understandable after an extensive one in September but to sell an exclusive on a 3 date UK tour... not fair to the majority of fans who've been loyal as glue over the years.

I'm going to see Ginger in London (I live in Scotland) so I might be lucky to get a copy, but this feels like a little kick in the nads to be honest. Sorry on the scale of life it ain't a huge deal, but wanted to vent my frustration.
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Postby gar971y » 26th Nov 09, 10:41

dont worry guys,,its all about money,,why couldnt they have put the on the 35min album??why??? to release it at the gigs,,and you know it will be £10-£15 ,,
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Postby markE » 26th Nov 09, 11:36

if this isn't at ginger' birthday gig i'll be gutted as i can't make the xmess shows.
some days just fucking suck is right :evil:
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Postby EMMO » 26th Nov 09, 12:17

how can anyone be mad yet?

its not been denied that these are at the Ginger show yet.


i only need 2 or 3 songs anyway as I got the Jap import.
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Postby skychaserhigh » 26th Nov 09, 12:20

oh maaaaann GUTTED :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Cant make any of the xmas shos cos of work, and will be pig sick if i can't get hold of these tracks...

i'll add myself to the list of want one if anyone is willing to pick up an extra copy, can paypal no probs plus a few quid for ya troubles :lol:
Some Days Just Fucking Suck
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Postby VladDracii » 26th Nov 09, 12:28

Listen, we've heard this 'exclusive' availability stuff before.

Stop worrying and check the store in the new year

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Postby vanrad » 26th Nov 09, 12:57

The strong feeling is a great thing.... it means people wanna hear the great new songs. I love getting my ears round new Wildhearts songs. I just get a bit miffed when people get in my way of this..... I want 'em NOW!!!!!! :oops:

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