Best Wildhearts spin-off album?

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Postby inglorious01 » 7th Nov 09, 23:50

"Sugarbuzz" by Whatever. Brilliant album.
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Postby WiredOut » 8th Nov 09, 11:00

melx wrote:
WiredOut wrote:
melx wrote:CJ & the Satalites '13' for me, I really really love that album, probably more than any Ginger solo album.... apart from Yoni maybe.

I really need to listen to this properly. Had it for over a year and have spun it about twice. Why? Dunno..

Yeah, you should....maybe it was a bit poppy for you? it's not very 'rock' ....but WH's is about the most 'rock' thing I listen to so it works for me.

I'm an absolute whore for pop so it wouldn't be that. Listening to the first half again last night I thought it was cool but didn't nail me to the wall. It feels like a grower to me if anything, so I'll have to keep at it. Could've Been Beautiful always grabbed me though.
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wildhearts off shoots

Postby richyboy1981 » 8th Nov 09, 12:06

Whatever - Sugarbuzz. everytime. Or Prozaic.
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Postby DangerousBeans » 8th Nov 09, 12:54

Grand Theft Audio for me.

Rediscovered it a few weeks ago and have played it way too much recently.

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Postby Keith Richard » 8th Nov 09, 16:55

geordierussell wrote:GOD DAMN WHORES.

You've bloody well got a good point there.....I completely overlooked Lucky 13.
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Postby cjrodwell » 9th Nov 09, 13:59

Plan A - Hey Ho EP, my only criticism is that it's too short!
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Postby Assmask » 9th Nov 09, 14:36

This is an ARSE of a question!

Uppers and Downers
Blame Everyone
We Are The Lucky 13

All of the above are phenomenally good. If I was forced to choose I'd say Prozaic. But that is a reluctant pick.

Someone said Whatever - yeah they are really good, but that EP that came out before the full length album had much better remixes on it.

I'm going to listen to it now.....

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Postby blackdeathcrew » 9th Nov 09, 14:57

Toss up between 'Uppers and Downers' and 'Highball Roller' for me
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Postby danny fletcher » 9th Nov 09, 20:33

Cant believe nobody has mentioned Jackdaw 4!!!!!

Albums being reissued in January, with bonus tracks :)
danny fletcher
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Postby Spike » 9th Nov 09, 23:09

cjrodwell wrote:Plan A - Hey Ho EP, my only criticism is that it's too short!

Absolutely agree!
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Postby Speedy1974 » 10th Nov 09, 13:30

I re-found Honeycrack in the summer.

Thought it was about time I got hold of copies of all the Wildheart side projects.

Played the Honeycrack Cd when I got it and realised that one of my favourite tracks from when I was at uni was on it. - Go Away.

I used to travel into uni each day on the bus listening to Chris Evans on Radio 1 and for a time that track was played each day.

Listening to it again brought back many happy memories.

Isn't it great when you rediscover stuff :D
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Postby Dave C » 10th Nov 09, 21:58

I love the God Damn Whores, I love the CD, I love them live. They rock! Can't wait to see more of them. I hope.
Dave C

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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 10th Nov 09, 23:02

floyd wrote:For me The Yo-Yo's, Uppers and Downers great album.
That's one of my favourite albums ever by anyone! :D
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Postby maxpower » 11th Nov 09, 00:19

8) The Yo-Yo's ... Uppers & Downers for me & also does Howling Willie count too?
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Postby Radish » 11th Nov 09, 11:38

The Jellys - Welcome to our World. Puts a smile on my face no matter what. 8)
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