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Come To Dublin!!

PostPosted: 4th Nov 09, 14:15
by roamingmark
Lads, when the fook are you lot going to come over to Ireland?
I'm a English lad living over here now for 2 years and I'm educating my Irish brothers & sisters with regards to one of the finest British bands of all time and need you fookers over here soon.... :evil:

PostPosted: 4th Nov 09, 16:16
by Keith Richard
I'm coming to Dublin tomorrow....guess that's no consolation really!!

PostPosted: 4th Nov 09, 21:21
by sparky
Make it a christmas show, when I am there :D

PostPosted: 4th Nov 09, 21:29
by Ean
If you want the band over there that desperately, find a suitably sized venue, persuade them that booking the band would be worth their while, and point them in the direction of the Contact Page on the website.

PostPosted: 14th Nov 09, 17:30
by jgmeadowlands
Well i live in Limerick Ireland and i went over to London in October to see The Wildhearts and during the Meet & Greet i asked Ginger and Ritch about coming over during their next tour and they both told me that they were lookin at doing some gigs early next year,and that they plan on coming over to Ireland.
Ginger mentioned Belfast,and as i live in the south i mentioned Dublin and Ritch said,"Sure why not do both"

So fingers crossed.