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Full Stoke Gig From Last Night - 25/09/09

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 10:38
by Siddas
Managed to get a spare couple of hours to up the second part of the gig.

**Edit - some people are having problems with the mediafire links - try this one instaed - - this is the full show in one zip file.

**Edit number 2 - this has been run through soundforge - I think it is a bit cleaner. Let me know what you think.

It is in two parts but they are reasonably quick downloads.

DO NOT sell these recordings. They are done for the fans to enjoy.

They aren't the best sounding but they are ok - not distorted and pretty clear. If anyone is a whizz on the old audio editing then let me know and I will send the original minidiscs to see if you can brighten the sound up a bit.


Part 1

Part 2

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 12:11
by shat noir

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 12:17
by jediross
not working for me either.

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 12:19
by Siddas
shat noir wrote:borked?


PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 12:22
by shat noir
sorry.. broken

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 12:32
by Siddas
What isn't working? I have just checked it and I can download them.

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 13:03
by shat noir
it says..
the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 13:10
by Siddas
Is that once you have downloaded the zip file? I have just downloaded it and opened it with winrar. Works fine for me. Will try and up it on sendspace.

Just tried again and for some reason it isn't downloading the full zipped file. Set 1 should be 99.7Mb and the other 89.8Mb.

I am just upping the full set as one file onto sendspace so bear with me.

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 13:33
by Siddas

Try this and let me know if this works? It should be mega fast download.

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 13:34
by andy_b
Managed to download the 2 sets from the original links, but using a download manager in Firefox (DownloadThemAll!), as a normal save-as didn't work - that only got about 20Mb of each zip file.


PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 14:07
by jediross
New link worked fine, many many many thanks!


PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 20:42
by blackdeathcrew
Thanks for that Siddas, mighty cool of you 8)

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 21:54
by shat noir
got it now.. cheers 8)

PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 22:47
by DiggityDawg
Sounded pretty good to me - thanks, man!

PostPosted: 27th Sep 09, 22:10
by Siddas
Glad a few people have enjoyed what I have uploaded so far. I got my mate to run the show thorugh Sounforge for me, to make it a bit brighter and less muffled. I have upped it again to sendspace. Sorry if you have already used some bandwidth up but I think this sounds a bit better.