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PostPosted: 30th Apr 09, 09:46
by percy
That's very cool!!

PostPosted: 2nd Sep 09, 12:13
by percy
I'm just about to take some artwork done to my local tattooist for some work I'm getting done on Saturday. It's a Wildhearts related tatt, although I've not seen anyone with it yet. I'm hoping it will look very cool when it's done. 8)

Pics to follow on Saturday!


PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 01:10
by Steve1974

Done at Inkers Tattoo in Chertsey, Surrey.

PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 01:13
by Chris Davies
WOW Awesome man thats quality fair play.

Welcome aboard.

PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 01:43
by shat noir
sweeeeeet as fuck!! nice one steve1974


PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 09:03
by john v.
That's what I call a damn good tattoo.... :D

PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 12:46
by percy
That's fantastic!! Nice one!

I've just returned from the tattooist, so I'll have my pics up in a bit once I've cleaned it. It looks very cool though!


PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 13:36
by percy


PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 13:44
by Sarc
Percy you are a sick sick man, I like it.

PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 17:59
by Chris Norway
Fantastic tattoo, Percy! Very cool, and a great idea . Thumbs up :wink:


PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 21:20
by Steve1974
Thanks for the kind words people
It was really worth the pain :D
Its over a week since it was done now and healing nicely.

If anyone is near Chertsey pop into Inkers, they are really cool and friendly.

Percy thats a cool tat man
Your real name isn't Sylvester is it?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

PostPosted: 5th Sep 09, 21:48
by Chris Davies
@ Percy, thats the most original wildhearts tattoo EVER, absolute classic. However I fear you may have some very dodgey looks and questions about it. :D

PostPosted: 25th Sep 09, 12:14
by jediross
Steve1974 wrote:Image

Done at Inkers Tattoo in Chertsey, Surrey.

absolutely awesome!

PostPosted: 25th Sep 09, 12:40
by blackdeathcrew
Is in another thread somewhere, but thought i'd add mine to this thread too




PostPosted: 26th Sep 09, 01:40
by longgoneloser
Now that I am working again, I can save up to finish my Earth Vs sleeve. Woohoo! Need to add some of those carrots, the pyramid, the flying eyes and a bunch of other stuff. Yay!