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Wildhearts Tattoos

PostPosted: 22nd Jun 06, 16:26
by andylawrnece
i was thninking about getting a wildhearts tatto i was thinking of the smilley face 1, but was not sure has any1 got any gd 1s, if so can u take a pic of them so i can see what they look like
much appreciated

PostPosted: 22nd Jun 06, 19:28
by nig1012
hows that dude

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 06, 10:24
by andylawrnece
just what i was thinking off how much did it cost and did it hurt at all? cheers for that

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 06, 13:23
by nig1012
had it done about 5 yrs ago so can`t remember the exact price but i`m guessing around £70 and yes it really hurt but its well worth it cus i think tatts look cool as fuck

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 06, 13:42
by andylawrnece
tis cool, thanks for that

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 06, 20:49
by Andy Santiago

How's about this one? Part of a half sleeve.Not the best picture 'cos it's an awkward place to photograph.
It was done 3 years ago by the genius that is 'Big G' at true colour tattoos in York.

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 06, 22:13
by andylawrnece
nice 1 m8 thats wicked

PostPosted: 24th Jun 06, 11:08
by Chris Davies

Had this done of february this year. cost me £110 , dunno if that was a rip off , but i am too young to officially have a tat so they might have added on a bit of the money. anyways i love it :) , didnt hurt even though i did faint about 10 minutes into it lol

PostPosted: 24th Jun 06, 13:13
by Andy Santiago
The price you pay for a tattoo is not important ,what is important is the standard of work as you only have one skin and it has to be right first time as there is no margin for error.
I would reccomend getting tattooed to anyone,the only thing to fear is a good,healthy addiction to getting tattooed!
The pain element isn't that bad and I have quite a low threshold but what you need to keep in mind is that for a short period of time you will hurt but this short period is nothing in comparrison to the amazing piece of art you will carry for the rest of your life.
My next one will be having the bottom of my back re-worked as I'm not totally happy with it.Going back to the pain issue,when I had the bottom of my back done that was without doubt the most pain I have ever felt,it fucking knacked from start to finnish!!
I short,just get a tattoo!! :D

PostPosted: 24th Jun 06, 15:20
by nig1012
plus its just an awesome picture anyway

PostPosted: 25th Jun 06, 09:42
by godofhaircare
(click to enlarge)

Got this done about 2 years ago by Paul Hamilton in Glasgow. Only cost about £90. God knows why I got it done on my shoulder and yes it hurt like a motherfucker but only for a bit.

PostPosted: 25th Jun 06, 12:04
by Dave C
I quite fancy the skull in the heart from Riff After Riff tattooing on my arm sometime.

PostPosted: 25th Jun 06, 16:38
by Andy Santiago
One of my mates has got the skull and crossbones that was used on the 'Independant and Indestuctible' tour t shirts on his leg which looks mint!
I'll see if I can get the tubby bitch to post a picture on here!.That was also done by 'Big G' at True Colour Tatts,York.

PostPosted: 28th Jun 06, 08:13
by john v.
this was taken back in -96 -- 2ooo norwegian kr,- (about 170,- £) :shock:

PostPosted: 2nd Aug 06, 09:22
by coops
I work in a tattoo palrour and have a wildhearts tattoo myself. Yeah they do kind of hurt and they are expensive but what else can you get that lasts forever these days. A quality tatoo can cost anywhere from £70 per hour but will last for the rest of your life with only minor touch ups. Keep it cool, keep it safe, and get it inked!