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Postby hoke » 19th Feb 10, 03:02

Long long time ago I heard chord placements that actually made my stomach drop, my eyes almost fill and my heart feel like it did when I first laid eyes my one true love in front of a 7-11 in Tustin, CA: long black hair, elegantly swollen lips, skin like lightly creamed coffee, almond-shaped, black-brown eyes, sleek body wrapped in a gray duster and sporting a tan and black fedora-- Irene Delgato.

That feeling has never happened since with a song. Ever never. Tune in question ? "Maybe There Isn't " by Tonio-k.

That is, until I heard the chorus for " Tim Smith " by The Wildhearts. When the word " 'glitterst" hit my ears, I remembered what brilliantly polished harmonies coupled with perfect chord placement can do to my soul.
I remembered Irene............

I know, I know, that sound incredibly saccirine-stupid but hey, what can I say...

God bless you boys. I fucking love you Ginger and Co. Thanks so much and BTW, I blew my cans out with Chutspah's title track. I shit you not. fucking goddamn cheap-ass Radio Shack crap.

My absolute favorite album in the last decade. Simply stunning, beyond my piddly vocabulary to describe the feelings it puts into me.

Thanks again, fellas and keep your powder dry and your backs to the wind.

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