Danny McCormack - any news?

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Danny McCormack - any news?

Postby WiredOut » 10th Apr 09, 18:59

After Danny getting a few mentions in the trivia thread thing, I just thought I'd ask if anyone around here knows how he is or what he's doing?
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Postby SteveP » 15th Sep 09, 12:26

Seen at the love/hate gig in Newcastle a fortnight ago, picture of him with Ricky Warwick on the love/hate thread in the cloakroom.

Stood for most of the gig with him when he wasn't popping outside for a cigarette (usually frowned upon at the academy in Newcastle) looked well, was good chatting to him
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Postby denis » 15th Sep 09, 19:41

steve p, did you ask him if he's still playing? i seem to remember a band named the i told you so's destined for the recording studio but nothing ever came of it
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Postby DangerousBeans » 15th Sep 09, 20:09

Dunno when the song was recorded but Danny is credited as playing on the cover of Good Vibrations on the new Antiproduct album
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Postby Sarc » 15th Sep 09, 20:25

I think it was recorded a fair while ago and by fair while i mean at least two years.
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Postby 29xTheJames » 15th Sep 09, 23:39

He phoned Velvet the other night.
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Re: Danny McCormack - any news?

Postby idiottoast » 22nd Sep 10, 23:13

I`ve just been looking at Imelda May c.d.`s on ebay.While looking at a listing for Love Tattoo,i noticed that in the list of musicians that played on the album it`s got Danny McCormack down as playing piano and err....hammond organ.Is this "OUR" Danny.I cant find any mention of him on her wikipedia page,or her website.
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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 25th Sep 10, 12:09

Sarc wrote:I think it was recorded a fair while ago and by fair while i mean at least two years.
Yes, it was recorded several years ago. I think that version also features Robin Guy on drums. There are are least three Antiproduct studio recordings of that song out there.
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Re: Danny McCormack - any news?

Postby DarrenStockford » 28th Sep 10, 12:18

idiottoast wrote:Is this "OUR" Danny.I cant find any mention of him on her wikipedia page,or her website.

No, it's this guy on the Imelda May album.
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Postby Velvet Presley » 4th Dec 10, 20:27

29xTheJames wrote:He phoned Velvet the other night.

He did! This was about a year ago now though. Spoke for about twenty minutes. He said that he wanted the Yo-Yo's on the road again by the end of this year, which even at the end of that year seemed doubtful, and that he wished that "[my] balls would turn square and rot in the corners."

Haven't seen or heard from him since then, though.
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Re: Danny McCormack - any news?

Postby Stelios82 » 18th Aug 11, 11:56

He was the best bass player I ever watched, great energy. A geordie contractor mate of mine in Cumbria said him and Ginger fell out big style (with a girl involved? - could be propaganda...)

If he's not involved with music, is he still healthy? And what's he doing to earn a crust?!
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