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PostPosted: 25th Feb 09, 06:36
by scully
neil wrote:Years ago I had a Record Collector with an article on the Wildhearts, think it was a few pages long, detailing some of their rarer releases along with their story. If anyone can get hold of that it's possible it will tell you in there. It's probably still at my parents, but I'm not planning on visiting anytime soon.

Quite spookily, I've just moved house on the weekend and came across this issue that i had in a box of mags. It was the issue with The Beatles on the reverse upside down cover, right?

Now where did i put it...

PostPosted: 25th Feb 09, 16:23
by Marky Mark
Just been checking back through the mail outs that were sent out by the fan club at the time.

Have a newsletter that states that it was due to be released on Monday 23rd November.

So I suppose we can take this as the official release date, however i do seem to remember back in the day my copy that i had on order from S. T. Records was delayed.
Not sure if this was just down to poor distribution or the release date was put back a week.

PostPosted: 25th Feb 09, 16:54
by Ean
An official due date'll do me. 23rd it definitely is then! :D

PostPosted: 25th Feb 09, 18:09
by DarrenStockford
As a little bit of extra info on this subject, the Kerrang! news story I quoted yesterday mentioned that "vinyl copies of the EP will not be available for a couple of weeks, following a pressing fault".

PostPosted: 26th Feb 09, 16:25
by Marky Mark
I had one of those mis-pressed copies.

Was gutted when i got it after the wait and couldn't listen to it properly, it seemed like it had been pressed slightly off centre.

Even more annoying is the fact that i returned to get a proper copy.

Wish I had kept it, mis-pressings are always nice to have in your collection and i have never seen one come up for sale.