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PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 20:13
by gar971y
hi there,,i think/hope that i have done this right,,(cheers Ean for the help)i myself have lots of wildhearts goodies,,tons of signed stuff,,even stuff i may sell,,,but these are the two things i will never sell,,,the BC RICH,, and the second painting finn done after the artwork for the album which i took to last years gig in belfast to get signed Ginger was well happy to see finns artwork again and its quite big,,(sorry about the picture quailty it looks 100% ,,but its looking a bit blurry forgave my camera skills)hope you guys like,,as for the bc rich thats the first time the flight case has been opened in about a month(its a crime i know)but its a case of ,if its in its case nothing will happen it,,,Ginger sent me on that very letter in his mouth,that picture was emailed to me,,,, the links from inglorious1 are supercool,,,and i know you just wont sell it,,good to see your treasures,,,,,




PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 20:59
by inglorious1
Nice geeeetar! You plug it in every now and then, surely??

I wonder how many times Ginger's had his teeth done? Those pearly gnashers look kinda mean! 8)


PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 21:08
by gar971y
yeah ,,i bought a second hand 10 watt marshall for £30 just to hear the crunch out of it,,and believe me it sounds heavy,,,the flight case has got SG5 all over it and a couple of random stickers,,i would say its been to more places than i will ever be,,,

PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 21:21
by inglorious1
Yeah, the guitars been dangling in Ginger's crotch for a start. No offence, but it's not my cup of tea! :wink:

PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 21:40
by gar971y
no offence taken,,but apart from the infamous Gibson which he will never sell ,,i though it was one of the best ones he sold (and i worked very hard for the money for it)this for me is as good as it gets,,,,theres tons of footage on you tube of him playing it (and thats there forever)and he also told me that most of "must be destroyed" was recorderd with it(i know that albums not everyones choice,but i liked it),,,15/20 years from now when were all old (and still wildhearts fans)we will still remember this bad boy,,,

PostPosted: 10th Apr 08, 21:46
by inglorious1
gar971y wrote:no offence taken,,but apart from the infamous Gibson which he will never sell ,,i though it was one of the best ones he sold

Nah, you misunderstood me - I meant being in Ginger's crotch was not my thing! Y'know, as a bloke and all that. :shock:

Er, so yeah...the axe itself is very cool (although I've never got on with Floyd-Rose tremelos m'self - but that's more about me being inept with guitars).


PostPosted: 11th Apr 08, 06:10
by JSayonara
A few years back Ginger was going through a bad time and invited fans to write to him. Being Bi-polar myself and going through quite a bit of shit at that time I dropped him a letter wishing him the best, forgot what I said the letter being written whilst on quite a few Jack and Cokes and some other stuff but I received a card a few days later with some words of advice. The postcard is framed and goes with me wherever I go and along with my Guitar is the only thing I would think about saving in the event of catastrophe. Not worth any money but still great. The man is a class act and I'm truly grateful that I discovered the Wildhearts back in my early teens got me through more shit than I care to mention. Peace.

PostPosted: 13th Apr 08, 09:42
by Keith Richard


As debuted at Scarborough....enuff said. It absolutely kills!!

PostPosted: 13th Apr 08, 11:31
by gar971y
very nice,,did i see this on ebay??,,i think cj was selling it,,is that the same one?,,

PostPosted: 15th Apr 08, 15:03
by Zo
wildsam6o wrote:2.jon pooles piss shoe (rugeley red rose accoustic show 2004??)


That was right in front of me for half the bloody gig. *puke*


PostPosted: 28th Nov 15, 15:47
by WildHorses
Keith Richard wrote:Image


As debuted at Scarborough....enuff said. And the skinny express article about phen375 well it absolutely kills!!

That's so cool, how much did you pay for it by the way? Would you ever consider selling it?

To be honest I prob wouldn't sell it if I owned it though.