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In An Ideal World....

PostPosted: 11th Mar 06, 18:56
by Torbald
If you could pick the perfect Wildhearts and company conglomeration, what would it be?
I would have CJ, WIllie, and the others back in Honeycrack. Nick Parsons would abandon Runt and re-start Whatever with Stidi. Danny would be in The Yo-Yos with the same guys as before. Ritch would be in Security still, and 3cr would be back together. As for Ginger? It really doesn't matter. Everything he does is great. As amazing as the Wildhearts are, and I would definitely like to seem them do more albums and tours, I think the whole is not as good as the sum of it's parts in this case. I know, you'll all hate me now.

Unrelated: Anyone know what has become of Mark McRae from HoneyCrack?

PostPosted: 11th Mar 06, 19:02
by Glen666
I think the 'hearts is the past. I know most will disagree but I I prefer Ginger doing his own thing.

Maybe, CJ, Danny, Willie and Ritch should get together???!!!

Jon Pooles' God Damn Whores are pretty cool too. I'd like to see them stick around.

PostPosted: 12th Mar 06, 02:07
by Dark Lord of Barnet
Glen666 wrote:Maybe, CJ, Danny, Willie and Ritch should get together???!!!
I think that's actually a really interesting idea! Can't see it happening though.

Then again - at the beginning of last year I couldn't see the Yo-Yo's reforming...

Actually, now I still can't see the Yo-Yo's reforming. :cry: