WANTED - Cardiacs/related, Willie Dowling

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WANTED - Cardiacs/related, Willie Dowling

Postby seventieslord » 24th Oct 11, 23:33

Looking for anything by the Cardiacs or Cardiacs-related.

Also looking for anything that involves Willie Dowling. I already have:

- everything by Jackdaw4 except the last single
- All Honeycrack albums and singles
- The Grip: Be Yourself and American Dream Single
- SugarPlumFairies - Fruit Karma
- Celebrity Squares - happy? single

still looking for:

- that Jackdaw4 single
- Whatever else is out there by The Grip
- CatPeople or Cat People (or whatever it is!)
- other 2 Celebrity Squares CDs

your best bet is to PM me, as I will likely forget I made this post in a month or two.
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