Sugar Snatch Live In London (Yo-Yo's, Loyalties, Plan A)

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Sugar Snatch Live In London (Yo-Yo's, Loyalties, Plan A)

Postby cjrodwell » 14th Jun 11, 06:41


Whilst clearing out my loft I've found a live video put out by Sugar Snatch feat Tom Spencer (The Yo-Yo's, The Loyalties, Mutuation), Bladder/Andy Selway (The Yo-Yo's, SG5) & Nick Peckham (Plan A). This is an offical video put out by Barn End productions in 1996.

It features the following songs performed in a garden with banter in between
Hate Mail
Corduroy Boy
Rock Slut Wannabe
Bad Salad
Whose Side Are You On Son (Anyway)
Pink One
Horny Drawing
Vilest Species Of Stink

Does anybody fancy taking it off my hands? I'll chuck in DVD-R/CDR backups to make it a bit easier to watch and listen to.

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