WiLDHEARTS Vinyl/CD's/Cassettes for sale

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WiLDHEARTS Vinyl/CD's/Cassettes for sale

Postby getting it on tuesday » 18th Aug 10, 12:29

Hi all

Please see below for a few items i am selling. PM me with any resonable offers:

Mondo Akimbo A Go Go - White and Black vinyl versions available
Fishing For Luckies - Fan Club CD
PHUQ - Velvet case CD
Fishing For More Luckies- Cassette
Fishing For Luckies - Double gatefold vinyl
Endless Nameless - Cassette/ Signed Vinyl and all the red case promos
Must Be Destroyed - Vinyl
The Wildhearts - Vinyl
Ginger Singles Club - every one available
Shitsville - Brown Vinyl
TV EP - Cassette/12"/12" promo
Caffeine Bomb - 7"/Cassette/12" promo and CD
Suckerpunch - Etched Vinyl/Vinyl promo with Headfuck as B side/ 7" Brixton Academy promo
If Life Is Like A Lovebank - 10" and Cassette
I Wanna Go - 10"/Cassette and Passport case
Just in Lust - Cassette and Digipak
Living on a Landmine - CD promo
Pump It Up - Football pump promo

Japan Releases

Must Be Destroyed
Endless Nameless

All with Obi Strips

I will be putting some more on later but these are as much as i can remember for the minute.

Hope there are some items of interest to some people.


getting it on tuesday
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Re: WiLDHEARTS Vinyl/CD's/Cassettes for sale

Postby Evans » 18th Apr 19, 11:34

I am glad, I have found your post in https://www.ogscapital.com/article/medi ... iness-plan website. I am interested in buying cassettes and for that I have searched for it online. But I can't find it anywhere on sale. Atlast, I have found your post by coincidence.
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