Ginger's Christmas Sack needed

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Ginger's Christmas Sack needed

Postby Deadwood » 19th Feb 21, 17:22

It was December 2020...
What's this email from Bandcamp?... a new release from Ginger & The Wildhearts? "Ginger's Christmas Sack"! Awesome! Merry Christmas to me from my favorite band! I was so thankful for the surprise Christmas present! An uplifting gift in a terrible year! Let me go get that right now! What...The page no longer exists?! 24 hrs only?! WTF?! This email is yesterday's and I'm just catching up now! NO! And thus the rug was ripped from under me, my Christmas present was lost, stolen from me before I even opened it. Sadness ensues.
This forum may be my only hope... the only place where I might find a kindred spirit and kind soul, who understands my pain and would be willing to help me out? If you have the mp3 files and would share them with me via Dropbox or Onedrive or whatever, I'd gladly pay for your time and effort, or if there is any music you may need, that I may have, I'll return the favor. I'm a music-head. And a huge Ginger/Wildhearts fan. I just want to hear the music I'm sadly missing. I'd be most grateful.
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