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Spare Bruce Springsteen hard rock calling ticket

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 09, 11:33
by Sarc
Due to unforseen circumstances Im unable to go to this sunday, I know its short notice but if anyone wants it for 50 quid, they can have it. It was 45 for the ticket and fiver for the crap they added on after.

The Line up on the main stage is
Bruce Springsteen
Dave Mattews Band
James Morrison (I know Iknow but i didnt make the line up)
Gaslight Anthem on the main stage

and the second stage is......

Prett Things
The Low Anthem
Joshua Radin

Pm me if you want it

I'll send it recorded delivery

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 09, 12:05
by Pudu
Bleeding hell Sarc - you must be peed off. You have been talking about this gig for weeks!

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 09, 12:09
by Sarc
I am very but needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle as an old friend used to say.

Never did find out what he was on about.

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 09, 12:12
by Pudu
Well I for one dont fancy drinking a brew made from the kettle full of the devils vomit! No I have no idea what its supposed to mean either!

PostPosted: 24th Jun 09, 12:54
by Sarc

Anyone at all?

Re: Spare Bruce Springsteen hard rock calling ticket

PostPosted: 29th May 18, 09:07
by Flynnolton
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