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wolves 2007

PostPosted: 22nd Dec 09, 20:11
by richyboy1981
Hi guys,

Does anyone have the setlist for wolverhampton 2007 (where they started with Unbroken?)


PostPosted: 23rd Dec 09, 19:38
by macc lad
i was there and remember Nurse and Urge fron E.N but cant think of much else, should be on here somewhere Eans usually good at finding these posts/threads.

PostPosted: 23rd Dec 09, 19:46
by macc lad
found this by hunting about strangely posted by your goodself.


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Posted: 19th Dec 07, 20:08 Post subject: Wolves gig


Man, it was cracking - its defo up there on the list of best WH gigs ive attended. The set list was just lovely too. From what i can remeber (in no order):

TV Tan
Sick Of Drugs
Nita Nitro/Vanilla Radio/Zomboid/All American Homeboy Crowd/Zomboid medley
Nurse Maximum
The Hard Way
Rooting For The Bad Guy
29x The Pain
Bohemian Rhapsody
Geordie in Wonderland
I Wanna Go

Have i missed owt?

PostPosted: 23rd Dec 09, 22:51
by richyboy1981
ace - i just realised its not in my setlist list list of the gigs ive attended but i thought id seen in somewhere :-)

PostPosted: 23rd Dec 09, 23:38
by macc lad
Do you have the setlists from Wolves 2006 where they played Zeen Requiem and Jbs' dudley when Danny had to be replaced part way through

Re: wolves 2007

PostPosted: 10th Jan 10, 16:03
by richyboy1981
Ive got the 2006 one somewhere, which i will find and post. The JBs one with Danny in 2001 i dont have, although i can still just about remeber quite a bit of it - they started with Shame on Me and the set included Turning American, Liberty Cap, Nothing Ever Changes, Shitsville, Wanna Go, Drinkin Bout Life (aborted), SOD, and a few others. If i remeber rightly, Danny played the first 6 ish songs before collapsing.

Re: wolves 2007

PostPosted: 10th Jan 10, 16:43
by macc lad
JB's was my first gig and my first and only glimpse of Dannys knob !

ta for that :wtf:

Re: wolves 2007

PostPosted: 14th Jan 10, 01:40
by richyboy1981
Yeah- that JBs gig was awesome in its own way. The atmosphere was electric - Danny had collapsed in Newcastle the evening before, and the band had travelled without him only for him to turn up in Dudley after getting a coach down himself. Thus everyone was pretty edgy - 3rd gig of comeback tour, danny in a state etc.

From the riff of Shame on me, the plae was amazing. The drama later on kinda added something to it, in retrospect.

AP supported, and Devin if i remeber?