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Norway 4. December

PostPosted: 5th Dec 09, 16:41
by Chris Norway
Understanding Jane
The Revolution Will Be Televised
Vanilla Radio
Caffeine Bomb
Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes
I Wanna Go Where The People Go
The Jackson Whites
The Only One
You Took The Sunshine From New York
Mazel Tov Cocktail
29 X The Pain
White Lies
My Baby Is A Headfuck


Dont know any more details about the show, venue etc.
I could not make it to the show, but my good pal John was there. He picked up Chutzpah jr and the new hoodie for me. Wildhearts fans are still the best!


PostPosted: 5th Dec 09, 21:45
by benwalton

Also good to see Chutzpah! and the Jackson Whites still in the setlist...I wonder if they're changing it up from gig to gig...

PostPosted: 5th Dec 09, 22:44
by rockcity1971
great set!! anyone tape it????

PostPosted: 6th Dec 09, 10:37
by Chris Norway
rockcity1971 wrote:great set!! anyone tape it????

Cant imagine that anyone did that. The played in Jevnaker, wich is 100% "in the middle of nowhere". Cant believe they where "fooled" to add a date there, and not in the two big citys Oslo and Bergen. In the those places they could played 1000 capacity venues, and easily sold out. Would have been a great promotion for the band and the new album. The gig at Jevnaker is long forgotten by the few norwegians that even knew about it. :(

I´ve been dreaming about a scandinavian tour for a looong time, and its frustrating that they play all the big places in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, but choose to play in a place with a population of 4000. Oslo have 500000. Cant believe why the management booked this date!!

In 2004 Darkness sold out a 2500 capacity venue in Oslo, and many people still talk about that amazing suportband 8)



PostPosted: 6th Dec 09, 11:05
by macc lad
how much was the cd ?

Re: cd

PostPosted: 6th Dec 09, 13:57
by Chris Norway
macc lad wrote:how much was the cd ?

100 nkr = 10,7 GBP



PostPosted: 11th Jan 10, 18:23
by Nachtnebel
Chris Norway wrote:The gig at Jevnaker is long forgotten by the few norwegians that even knew about it. :(

Are you completely nuts? Why the heck should we forget about the one and only time we had the possibility to have the Wildhearts for ourselves? The gig was awesome, the fans were few, but enthusiastic as hell and the band seemed to have a great time and not to speak of the setlist! I'll never forget the concert.

I see your point in choosing a bigger city, but then again, Jevnaker had about just a "big" of a crowd as Gothenburg the day before...

Pics here btw: