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PostPosted: 14th Dec 09, 21:08
by Steveo123
Here we go everyone, Earth Vs live at sheperds bush
unfortunatly its only good for 90 days and 10 downloads


PostPosted: 14th Dec 09, 21:28
by my3dtvtan
Thank u very much for the upload :D but its run out of download slots already :(

Can some kind soul upload it to mediafire pleeeease. Anything exept megaupload as it never seems to work for me.

PostPosted: 14th Dec 09, 21:42
by Speedy1974

Put it onto Mediafire don't think they have the same usage limits on there

PostPosted: 14th Dec 09, 21:58
by Steveo123
Speedy1974 wrote:Steveo

Put it onto Mediafire don't think they have the same usage limits on there

Yes Sir!


PostPosted: 14th Dec 09, 22:46
by Ean
Steveo123 wrote:Errm im not sure what NoScript is, so chances are im not using it lol unless it comes standard with windows

It's a useful Firefox (and others now I believe) add-on that blocks Javascript and Flash, and Ads and all sorts of potentially dodgy things from running automatically when you navigate to a webpage. An unfortunate side effect of this is that it tends to knacker legit sites until you allow them - the Rapidshare upload meter being one of them.

PostPosted: 15th Dec 09, 17:03
by Steveo123
hey everyone i tried uploading the gig to mediafire while i was at work for 8 and 1/2 hours today and came home and it was still stuck on 98% ! lol bloody ridiculos or what eh ?
but i have managed to get it up on torrent on the pirate
heres the link

But i know some people dont like using torrents so i will try hard to get it uploaded somewhere everyone can get it.


Also can everyone Seed it until enough people have got it :)

PostPosted: 18th Dec 09, 19:23
by Humbug
Here's the Bowery ballroom gig from March:

Source: ECM717>DAT
Transfer: DAT>?>CDR>EAC(secure mode, corrected offset)>FLAC

Recorded, transferred by AlR, FLAC'd and seeded by Humbug

Disc 1, time: 58:41

1. Tuning
2. Stormy In The North-Karma In The South
3. Nita Nitro
4. Top Of The World
5. Suckerpunch
6. Understanding Jane
7. Carmelita
8. Rooting For The Bad Guy Lyrics
9. Everlone
10. The Jackson Whites
11. 29 X The Pain
12. Caffeine Bomb

Disc 2, time: 51:02

1. Sick Of Drugs
2. Dangerlust
3. Weekend (5 Long Days)
4. Caprice
5. Don't Worry 'Bout Me (audience)
6. Beautiful Thing You
7. My Baby Is A Headfuck
8. I Wanna Go Where The People Go

PostPosted: 18th Dec 09, 20:32
by rockcity1971
thank you Humbug!!!

PostPosted: 18th Dec 09, 21:16
by Steveo123
Thanks mate nice one!!

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 13:03
by Speedy1974
Does anyone have the missing 3.2% I require?

Been stuck on 96.8% for 2 days now :(

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 14:53
by sidecar
i've been looking for a copy of the earth vs gig for ages.... i'm a bit of a retard though... how can i download from the non torrent sites mentioned?

PostPosted: 22nd Dec 09, 09:13
by Owen
Could somebody please seed the torrent, as mine has been stuck on 96.8% for a week now


PostPosted: 24th Dec 09, 17:51
by Steveo123

PostPosted: 24th Dec 09, 19:46
by Speedy1974

Many thanks for this.

A great early Christmas present!

Have a good one mate

PostPosted: 24th Dec 09, 19:57
by Steveo123
Sorry to everyone who is on the torrent trying to download iv been having trouble seeding it for some reason so everyone please download this rapidshare one instead and sorry to everyone for being rather long with this x