Happy Birthday Trace x

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Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby Ginger » 3rd Dec 14, 10:11

We'll never forget you.

In fact we can only strive to be as memorable as you.

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Re: Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby kriscoverdale » 3rd Dec 14, 12:31

hear hear

*raises bottle of dog*
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Re: Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby Andy » 3rd Dec 14, 23:26

A wonderful woman. It was a pleasure to know her for a short time at the various gigs I seen her at over the years.
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Re: Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby andy_b » 4th Dec 14, 00:15

Hope you're still causing mischief wherever you are, Trace.
We'll keep you in our hearts and thoughts.

Cheers. x
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Re: Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby Ross » 5th Dec 14, 11:42

Only met her the once, but sorely missed. Cheers me dear.
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Re: Happy Birthday Trace x

Postby baratron » 9th Dec 14, 01:09

Do you remember the "Fuck Christmas" song of a few Birthday Bashes ago? I think it was the 'creation' of a certain Random Jon Poole, and the lyrics went "Fuck Christmas, fuck you!".

I like to sing it with "Fuck cancer" instead.
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