Ginger Wildheart.... band ?.

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Ginger Wildheart.... band ?.

Postby idiottoast » 18th Apr 14, 22:05

Hi,does anybody know why on the spine of the CD/DVD,LP and the spine and front cover of the 10 track CD it has Ginger Wildheart Albion,surely it should be The Ginger Wildheart Band Albion :eh: .As i understood it this was a band effort,it even states this on the Pledge page with the following :- as the Ginger Wildheart Band record their new album in real time, and, This preorder camaign is for the Ginger Wildheart band`s new album "Practical Musician".Did it become a solo album with the name change,or have i just missed something :dur: .
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