Albion listening party

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Albion listening party

Postby lost johnny » 22nd Dec 13, 22:04

Warning forum users, they weird buggers from Facebook will be here soon chatting nonsense about Jamie Oliver, spunk bisquits and crisps. Don't encourage them...
"I'm living in a nightmare she's looking like a wet dream
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lost johnny
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Re: Albion listening party

Postby Chris Davies » 23rd Dec 13, 20:43

Wouldn't be surprised if this site crashes with more than 5 people on it at once it's been unused for so long. :lol:
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Chris Davies
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Re: Albion listening party

Postby Assmask » 23rd Dec 13, 21:12

Haha. I don't use or get Twitter but I do think that FB and Twitter are better to appreciate the party than the forum.

Still, I just had Cambria kick my arse in fine style

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