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Mutation lyrics

Postby Mattie » 5th Jun 13, 20:31

I've written up the lyrics for these albums for those who only got the downloads.
Note that these are the lyrics written as read from the booklets.

Powderland wrote:A tiny town called Isolation reaches out in an arc in front of him
the black thoughts spin the chamber around
that the doubt guarantees never hit the pen

Finger tip shift caken on silt eeking darkness
even loneliness avoids

In a silence peppered by guilt where the cloud of free will dies

He say...
While I was away everybody went out and got beautiful girlfriends
Whatever happened to me?

He say...
While I was asleep Everybody got real sweet jobs and apartments
Whatever happened to me?

Flashbacks stretching out like a skin track
deviant corporis underlined

In a twisted medication, past - present and future intertwined

Red sting around the eyes sing
as the song rings
in the stillborn Camouflage

Outside there's a film of contact no thicker than the lies he rides

Rats wrote:Look on the kids the shadows have hid from our concern
A lesson relayed in daily replay, but never learned
Suffer the child for who we deny even tenderness
Suffer the man who eats at the hand of prejudice

Mother, bathe us in tears
Daughters and sons in fear
Lining Decks and ditch and all the while society switches channel
Deck and ditch and all the while society switches channel

Rats in the city of invisible men
Rats in the wet shop doorway again
Where are your babies sleeping? Where is your baby sleeping?

Rats, out of range, out of radar affect
Rats, in dominion, the shadow elect
Where are your babies sleeping? Where is your baby sleeping?

While age and weight may indicate some vice abuse
Statistics suggest domestic neglect contains the truth
Fuck the councils and the government that override
Burn the church, and piss on the earth it occupied

Bathe in rare warmth by its fire
Sing to old order expired
Rise from the decks and ditch
and all the while society switches channel
Decks and ditch and all the while society switches channel

Friday Night Drugs wrote:DRUGS
In the belfy, at the marquee
Over coal mines, 1989
In the disco, on the video
With a Walkman, chewing on a marathon
Cashing Giro's, sniffing Evo
On Uranus, at The YTS
On the dole again, hammy Odeon
On K-Tel, AOL

Shit I'm still on AOL

Blut oder fleisch? Blut oder fleisch?

Friday night drugs
And the death of accountability (yeah)
We was all in love, with Friday drugs

Friday night drugs
Too young for responsibilty (yeah)
We was all in love, with Friday drugs

Acid was it, we used to suckle that tit
And when leb was around we could put the soap bar down
MDMA was touchy feely, but hey, guess we was doing okay
'til someone brought the brown powder around

Blut oder fleisch? Blut oder fleisch?

Schadenfreude wrote:Two headed sign by the fork in the road
saying 'eye for an eye' and 'any way the wind blows'
Slap bang by the Yin and the Yang
and the photoshopped gautama head and the body of Superman

A cock horse crossed over to me
started on about honour, started on about anarchy
Outside of society? He wasn't even outside of his lack of vocabulary

CHOICE. In my head. A VOICE. THE VOICE OF CHOICE. In my head.

It comes and it goes, occasionally I listen.
It's often in a foreign language, but always persuasive.

Vengeance as fondant is schadenfreude
Chatterton: DEATH
Gottterdammerung: Yeah
Vengeance as fondant is schadenfreude

It's all shit. In my ass. Shit
(Ah it's all shit)

Some time a long time ago
I wanted 'never say never' 'til the tatooist made a typo
I question everything, now nothin' makes sense
I got Gaddafi and Ghandi playing poker for my conscience
been around so long I ended up being reborn by crawling back in my ass

Compass Point wrote:(Bakerloo, fuck off)
I heard the streets are golden
Why am I on the dole then?
The bouncer wouldnb't let me in
You're all on fucking Ketamine

Oyster card, take me the fuck away from these retards who will make me pay 4 or 5 pounds for a pint of what might as well be full of shite or some jizz. Jizz. Or just piss.

You can stick your stotty where the sun don't shine // You can tip your Newky Brown back in the Tyne

The angel I came for she turned out an eyesore so I'm heading due south to be back with mine.

Let's build a wall round the M25, no one gets in or gets out there alive
Cockneys and geezers don't try to appease us cause this is the North/South divide.


(Baker Street, fuck off)

Come at me with your hood up? You're probably gonna cut me up
Just take me fucking mobile, and ring Pat Butcher

Boris mate, take your shit bikes and your silly face, cannot believe I'm still in this place
have a banana and sit on it

Take us away, back up there

Your rabbits a giraffe, its taters and grim // Your battles full of garden tools, doing my loaf in

The pigs taste of Jimmy Moby of your lillie so I butchers the frog down south out of here

Let's draw a line at the edge of the tyne, you stay on your side and I'll stay on mine
Geordies and Scousers stay out of our houses 'cause this is the North/South divide

Lively Boy wrote:C'mon now people it's the lively boy
He's gonna bring it like a cut price Bolan
on a third of the juice
yeah, but he's still on the loose

With the head of Elvis and the body of Christ
gonna shake it like a dog tail
lady better hold on tight
yeah but hold on right
he's in the prime of your life

Cut to two hundred (and) fifty thousand years
when a pig called man airs doubt upon creation
and the talk of Galileo riding on a dinosaur

Faith is tied to fireworks
and no-one's more confused than the catholic church

At least we got a black icon
someone we canpin our distraction upon

Yeah, Hey now now
C'mon, Get up, Babe, Let's go
Down, get on down
C'mon C'mon, oh yeah baby, c'mon

C'mon now people, it's the lively boy
He's got semen for blood, through piano string veins
Gonna ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch yeah
Oh baby c'mon

He's alive, the boy, so don't put up a fight he's a monkey on a mission
to be dishing out a messing and the lesson os initially found
to be the same as a pound ...and something rhyming with 'oun'
Oh mama mam,,, oh yeah

Down. Strike Out. Go For it. Touch that Dial.

Gruntwhore wrote:Roll up, rollup motherfuckers, this mouthbreather's got a megaphone
(In / Out.....)
Communication through horseshit holler - got me sucking through your teeth
Buckle up sunshine, ride this bitch to the vanishing point.....

I hear rubber screams
Down in the ground
Not my twisted dream
'Cos somebody pinched me, it hurt and I find that I'm here

Step away from the simple of mind
Shunt a prayer back, for the sorry left behind
Chaos reigning - something fucking chronic!

Fools for your gallows bringing human torso pinata party!


Took a bow to a gunfight
wearing nothing but a strobelight
cupid shot right
down in the ground

Tied your lover to the alter
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Cupid got gunned down

Pulled from the floor by the cunt of a gruntwhore

Bow to dungeon queens
Down in the ground
And the cat who got the cream
But I stick to something, not good and I can't move from here

Tools of the tired trade, those toys keep swinging
Carniverous breed, trick me and spread the seed
We're dying to see you try, run the miracle mile...
...on bloody stumps and shaking sinews

Bitten and mauled all over again - the feeling that you're....

Here comes the shock - to send the bigman back into his tomb
...and send the devil - back into Rosemary's womb

On Poking Dogs wrote:Passive aggresssor pace in subtle candour, working the lock
Do not, in sheathing of the teeth, read 'unable to bite'
What kind of background made you so oblivious to trouble?

Back off the pressure
Turn it off

Did nothing ever teach you that man has been designed with attack in mind?
And to react, or not,'s the balancing act they call betterment.
The struggle to control the situation.

You fucker
Back off the pressure
You want it?
You got it

Poking the dog
And when it's on then we've all lost

Quality to take charge
Code check, let greatness through.

And when it's on then we all turn into the aggressor

Back off the pressure
I'm better
Don't poke the dog

Life has teeth it bites

Wham City a cover of course, google for lyrics!

Carrion Blue wrote:So the French link death, a la 'petite mort', with an orgasm? Can I run with this 'un?
The way I see it the talk of the dark before the dawn suggests depression as a little death
The struggle intensifies, hope appears to die
It's got to get a lot worse
The little death becomes the little birth
Petit naissance

Carrion blue we're so fucked up we don't evenknow how fucked up we are
Carrion blue we're so stitched up we don't even know how stitched up we are

In birth, as death, is not what's going on but where this is all coming from
In depression too we have a tendency to forget everything that just happened to you

Death-Birth Carry-Parish
Birth-Death Perish-Carry

Don't you feel that once all the violence is over
there's an apathy followed by a time of elation?
You could never imagine the outcome has a punchline
especially if it nearly totaled you this time

Birth via death - and the violence is over
Birth via death - and the violence is over
You made it, my sister
my brother, you beat it
500 generations undefeated

Ichi: Carabin Ni: Carabin
San: Carabin Shi: Yuka
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Re: Mutation lyrics

Postby Mattie » 6th Jun 13, 00:26


Bracken wrote:Child sized catafalque
Dares between the tracks
Jump in, be still
Feel it approaching

This you understand, is to be a man
Fear the edge
the mountain beckons
Safety pledged to mounds of bracken
Jump. Aaaah, jump, jump it. Jump it. Jump it. Jump it.

Sheer drop, neath the swing
from aged branch it hangs
hold on, be strong
older boys look on

This you understand, is to be a man
Fear the edge
the mountain beckons
Safety pledged to mounds of bracken
Jump. Aaaah, jump, jump it. Jump it. Jump it. Jump it.

Square go, face your foe
fear? no one need to know
First strike. Right, right
Pain will fade in fight

This you understand, is to be a man
Fear the edge
the mountain beckons
Safety pledged to mounds of bracken
Jump. Aaaah, jump, jump it. Jump it. Jump it. Jump it.

This is your chance. Be a man
Trust in the bracken


Utopia Syndrome wrote:I should say that I'm not used to things going as well as this
Trust a cynical human being to coin a term for being too contented

"Hush your mouth" You must not write about it
"Hush your mouth" on your utopia syndrome

Scarcity of funds will not impact it
I've whiskey and hope
Tiny things that I'm appreciating
every day turn into fucking monsters

"Shut your mouth" Now you can see your problem
"Shut your mouth" Don't spread your utopia syndrome

I'm so happy I could shit
I'm so happy I could shit
Cast aside. We don't need no more STDs
Cast aside. We don't need no more STDs

We don't do PMA around here... boy
Stop being weird, or we call the police

White Leg wrote:HEY Watch that sound
of fascists lining up to brown.
JE'SUS Send it down
We've bacon by the pound pound pound
RAYS infared
Something new to hate instead
PLASTIC Cornerstone
Breathe the air ... watch it burn

From the air I arrive, to divide I arrive
Cold cut. Cold cut

White leg, black sock, wet back, pink underside. Jet black denial. Redneck
White leg, black sock, wet back, pink underside. Jet black denial. Redneck

Praise our master sun
we're burning for the chosen one
Burning for the chosen one
Wear your scars with pride
We're yearning for the bastard son
of the glorious chosen one
Penetrate our lives, our saviour shines.

The steaming red corpse of the north west of England
In anger it stands with its can in its hand
Screaming at children called Liam or Robbie, or Kylie
A pink Union Jack on its backside

HEY Watch that sound
Drying out the paper crown
JE'SUS Send it down
Bake 'em by the pound pound pound

In the baking defeat of this coldest of nations
A heart ... beats ... in a bed of cholesterol

Protein wrote:The basely obsessesed cultivate a barely repressed take on carnal pleasure
Pounding the beef blinded to the person beneath. This. your future culture
Stigma context. Taken to reflect a complex guilt among the species
Anger denied, forced to take possession inside, gorging on compassion

The drug devours the ivory towers
In David's city the walls are coming down
In this city the walls are coming down
Excommunication on moral ground
Just another cross to drag around

Wo Oh Oh
Holy of deities divine and naked.

Mutations wrote:How did Hell become Hell?

Computer this is not what I... wrote:Step away from the computer
Put the cap back on the bottle
Nothing good will come from your frustration
Nothing you can say will change the situation

Take a walk walk walk to the centre
Where you'll crown crown crown yourself in patience
For a while this will be your location
Til you plug yourself back into your computer

in groundless miscommunication
Faceless and pointed
Weakened by hatred
Hooked up online

And we listen to media cries of hysteria

fear not your limitations
Suffer ridicule no more. You hidden generation
When this is considered violation
feast, this is the end of days

But oh we had a fine time
as the melt down takes place online
Rise now, kings of the timeline
Meet the new face of crime

Then, by committee, we cheer in a new age of pubescent outrage

What you are now experiencing is a facsimile of emotion
Do not be alarmed, this is a virtual recreation
You will be left with no lasting memory
You will awaken in 3, 2, 1

Sun Of White Leg wrote:Re peat
re act
di sect
keep back
com plete
con trol
be neath
the burned
em pire
we stand
de nial
de mand
de ranged
re sist
the change
in tide
ac sess
de nied
wi thin
the arms
of my
cunt tree be low
the law
that came
be fore
we came
we saw
sa lute
the pen
of con
de send
ding in
for may
shun ul
tim ate
agg ress

Praise our master sun, we stand as one // Light behold, our scars of honour // Narrowing our eyes, blinded by the sky // As one we praise our saviour, yeah! // Hail our saviour, burning for our sins // Those who suffer glow forever more // Narrowing our eyes, blinded by the shy // As one we praise our saviour, yeah!

Relentless Confliction wrote:Your shoelaces are bleeding
Rustic tag
Only I need headphones

Don't blame me, you're trading Heaven for Hell
One song in the end

Gargantuan boots club out into impossible mountains

your shoelaces are bleeding

Don't blame me, you're trading Heaven for Hell
One song in the end

Relentless confliction

Innocentes In Morte wrote:
There's a place called base where all the chillings trespass
Cult colours and the amputees
All you need is a ticket to vendor
and I can take you there

In the sweet tidings of your passing
We'll delight and hope the pain was intense and agonising
Pray you screamed release and none came to hand

terminus forsaken
Repayance in earnest
Is finally honest

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna

Yeah, there's a mass arrest in the medicine cabinet
Ten teens blowing smithareens
Blessings from fallen fascists
Crosses in the mosque we leave

We are the ones that built the cross
An aching in the mosque
Acres cold apparitions old
She collects herself to peel off all the courage

Innocent only in death

Benzo Fury wrote:Take out the Devil
Show him the sights
We'll be home soon

Stressing out angels
Take cheap little pills
To cover their eyes

To disconnect the truth and all the friends who warned you
The heart it races to the end, 10 hours of pain

So close to death
you feel the world begin to shudder
And everyone around you sees the truth you tried to hide

Cover for a pretender
Making plans for the sender
Take the money to the Sun

Slowly shifting through bad dreams
Put it all in the final scene
Disconnect and self destroy
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Re: Mutation lyrics

Postby Owen » 9th Jun 13, 20:42

Thank you taking the time to do that
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