Carrion Blue & Lively Boy

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Carrion Blue & Lively Boy

Postby NeilBlister » 31st Oct 12, 14:26

So what does everyone think of the two Mutation songs that we have heard so far? For me this is probably my favourate Ginger related music ive heard since the Wildhearts White Album. If the whole project is like these two songs then im going to be a very happy punter come January!! Money well spent me says!
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Re: Carrion Blue & Lively Boy

Postby darkblue » 31st Oct 12, 21:12

Yeah, it's great to hear Ginger stepping out of the box a little.

I LOVE Chutzpah! and 555%, but to hear something more off-kilter from the man himself is a real treat and I think Mutation is going to be simply awesome on the strength of what we've heard so far!
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Re: Carrion Blue & Lively Boy

Postby shadow » 22nd Dec 12, 00:55

Gruntwhore confirms the above and some
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