Can i believe my ears?

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Can i believe my ears?

Postby GSUS » 9th May 12, 13:27

As the subject suggests really, i even had to register as a user to express this feeling!!!

I know this has probably been discussed loads since last year, but i for one am so pleased Ginger never walked away from this.........since being able to download 555% i've not stopped playing all 3 albums.

Many artists out there would have struggled to make 1 CD, of half the quality, in double the amount of time that Ginger has created 3 fantastic records!

And if he reads in, Ginger i personally salute and thank you for this effort and please say you'll never quit, because music like yours is hard to find in an industry full of fakes!

I personally can't wait for the next chapter of this highly decorated career.

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