Unofficial votes so far (CD1)...

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Unofficial votes so far (CD1)...

Postby Jason_scorching_past » 27th Mar 12, 22:29

A fan on Pledge posted this -

With nothing worthwhile to do for lunch today, I went through all of the comments here and tallied up the numbers.....quckly and NOT scientifically or carefully, so there are undoubtedly duplicate counts in cases where brand new comments were made to correct votes, or add a new song to replace Arms of Morpheus. These informal counts were as of 1 PM, EST. Not exact, but a good indication of what the favorites are......

(1) Internal Radio - around 235 votes
(2) Arms of Morpheus - 198 (many later replaced)
(3) Time - 169
(4) Baby Skies - 150

Other contenders:
(5) Forget About It -130
(6) It Appears The Party Is Over - 127

(7) Silence - 88
(8) Lie To Me When.... - 87
(9) Powderkeg - 81
(10) Incidental Noises - 61
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