Who do you rate above Ginger?

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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby Nexus Icon » 11th Apr 12, 16:27

Not sure if I rate anyone above anyone else, but song writers on par with Ginger for me are Jagger/Richards, Reznor, Homme & Ryan Adams.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby 29xTheJames » 12th Apr 12, 08:31

I love Ginger's talent so I'm not rating anyone above him but to me some great talents are:
Andy Cairns
Jason Perry (BRING BACK 'A'!)
Willie Dowling
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby JOliver1111 » 12th Apr 12, 20:54

As far as songwriting, yeah, Ginger's been up there since the early 90s......but I'm an incredibly old f*ck, and I wouldn't try to compare him just yet to the likes of Dylan, Lennon/McCartney or Brian WIlson - guys who've been doing this longer than our boy's been alive. He's definitely as good as anybody doing it right now, though.

One thing that's very, very underrated about Ginger, or at least hardly ever mentioned, which comes through on "555%" loud and clear - he's flat out great at arranging vocals, whether it's just him & CJ, or an angelic choir of voices (chorus of "Illuminating Times", vocals in "in Vino Veritas", for examples). Tons of great sounding harmonies, easily on a par with what Brian Wilson's been doing with his latest band over the past decade or so. Appears to be a rare talent that he has.....and I'm sure that Willie, as one of the main producers, has also been contributing to the arrangements as well. Dammit, in an ideal world, Ginger's many talents should have made him ungodly wealthy!
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby seventieslord » 12th Apr 12, 22:46

I like to say that Ginger is the "best songwriter under 60" and that way he doesn't have to compete with Dylan or Lennon/McCartney.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby Nojahoda » 12th Apr 12, 23:24

I'm in awe of anyone who can imagine, and then create complex "soundscapes" (that is such a bullshit word, but I can't think of a better one). Muse always impress me with their ambition, Queen were pretty damn good at it, and Pulp were waaaayyyyy better than their peers in the world of britpop. (I Spy is a fantastic song, I could listen to that on single track repeat for about 3 days before getting bored of it). Trent Reznor has hit highs every bit as good as Ginger has, but his less good output isn't a patch on Ginger's ropier efforts. Plenty of others have had their moments, not many are as prolific and as consistent as Ginger.

But who do I rate above Ginger? Why it has to be One Direction. I really love the one with the hedge balanced precariously on his head. :lol:
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby 29xTheJames » 13th Apr 12, 10:08

One Direction = No Erection
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby buddhafella » 13th Apr 12, 18:42

In terms of songwriting that pushes my buttons I wouldn't rate anyone higher than Ginger, but I would put Tom Waits on a par. He has such a wonderfully rich and diverse back catalogue too.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby bbf » 20th Feb 13, 09:52

Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) and Butch Walker.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby James S » 20th Feb 13, 10:22

Donnie Vie is the only writer I know that can consistently knock out amazing tunes at the same rate as Ginger. It's just a pity when the Wildhearts covered one of his songs it suffered from Endless Namelessness.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby Benny Hiroshima » 20th Feb 13, 17:23

Lyrically would be Richey James, of the Manics. No-one other person in rock holds a candel to his words in my book.

Musically, there's the obvious Lennon/McCartney or Jagger/Richards types but it's difficult to compare. It's a bit like asking do you prefer oxygen or lungs.

Ginger's song-writing ability is almost second to none and you only have to look at the evolution of his song writing, arrangement and ability to cross different genres (and with the latter, I've found the quality of his material hasn't suffered).

But of contemporary musicians/artists that I would put on a par with Ginger in terms of quality, I'd suggest:

Rivers Cuomo - Have yet to hear a duff tune by him. Only snag is that in the recent stages of his career, he hasn't really pushed the envelope as much as someone with his talent perhaps should have done.

Rihanna - Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know she hasn't written any of her music. But in terms of work-ethic, output and quality tunes you can't fault the lass. Seven albums in seven years featuring some of best pop tunes of modern times? Not even the most corporate cock sucking under-the-thumb boyband could pull that off.

James Broad (Silver Sun) - Like G he knows how to pen a very good tune and doesn't do filler. Also Silver Sun like The Wildhearts were criminally underrated. However, Broad doesn't match G's output and hasn't done much for years.
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Re: Who do you rate above Ginger?

Postby Zoloft » 20th Feb 13, 19:06

The John Lennon comparison is an easy one, very diverse prolific writers who's music never failed to say SOMETHING, with fans that will last beyond a lifetime. . .

in the pop vein, I'd say P!nk certainly has "Ginger" potential. Writes her own songs, which is unheard of in modern pop, also has a much more intelligent approach to lyrics than her contemporaries. Within the label system she's stuck in, I have no doubt that she writes/records the type of music that she wants to produce. I'd LOVE to hear what she could do if she went the pledge route, without any type of major label interference.

But, anyone ABOVE Ginger? Can't think of a one. . .
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